Powder Handling

About Powder Handling

When you’re hand loading your ammunition, correctly measuring and handling your powder is crucial not only to ensure the highest-quality ammunition for your needs but also for safety’s sake. At SCHEELS, we carry quality powder handling equipment for gun reloading that will help ensure your safety while also helping you make the top-quality ammo that’s one of the many rewards of hand loading.

We carry a variety of equipment that will help you get the job done right. The products we carry are made by top names in the industry, like Dillon Precision, Hornady and MTM. This equipment includes powder measures to make sure you're using exactly the right amount of powder as well as measures that give you the option of automatic or manual operation.

If you work with many different calibers, consider getting one of our universal powder funnel sets. Sold in a convenient see-through plastic storage case, these funnels fit multiple calibers, so you'll never need to buy another funnel again.