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Measure the Distance with a Hunting Rangefinder

Before you make the shot of a lifetime, you need accurate distance data to know how far away you are from your target. SCHEELS carries rangefinders for hunting from top brands like vortex, Nikon, Leupold and more so you’ll be able to accurately measure the distance and adjust your shot. A high-quality Leupold or Vortex rangefinder will give you more accurate readings and the ability to make long-distance measurements. Whether you’re looking for a rangefinder for bowhunting or a rifle hunt, you’ll find the best laser rangefinder for your next pursuit.

Our selection of rangefinders for hunting includes several styles like laser rangefinders, ultrasonic rangefinders, and optical rangefinders so you’ll be able to find the right rangefinder for you. Whether you’re hunting big game or shooting targets at long-range, our rangefinders will provide you with precise distance measurement so you can plan your shot and hit your target. If you typically take long-range shots at the gun range, a quality rangefinder will supplement your scope to increase your accuracy. Get ready for your next outdoor pursuit with an accurate rangefinder from SCHEELS.