About Accessories


At SCHEELS, you’ll find all of the fishing accessories you’ll need for a successful fishing adventure ahead. After a day of fishing and dirty water from the lake gets trapped in the reel’s mechanism, it’s important to keep your reel clean in order to assure long-lasting performance through many fishing trips. This is why, we offer a great selection of quality fishing accessory products by leading brand names, including Johnson, Pure Fishing, Reel Grip Ltd and many more.

When you’re on the go to travel to your next fishing destination, make sure to protect your fishing reel during transport, and spare knobs for replacing worn-out ones with a durable and protective carry cover. We also carry oil and lube packs to maintain your reels efficiency and to tackle the grime, so you can continue to fish with ease. Our team of fishing experts have the utmost knowledge to help you find all of the fishing accessories you need.