About Dies

Handloading can offer a range of benefits. It can save you money and provide you with more and better ammunition, among other things. For many, it’s also an enjoyable way to spend more time with their sport, whether they're hunters, target shooters or simply gun aficionados. At SCHEELS, we offer a variety of reloading die pistol and rifle sets that will help you get maximum enjoyment and economy out of your guns and ammo.

Our dies are available in two-die and three-die sets. In addition to offering die sets for the home hobbyist, we also carry die sets suitable for use by commercial interests, law enforcement agencies and competitors using high-power or service rifles. You'll find dies for a range of uses at SCHEELS, including 9mm Lugers, .308 Winchesters and .223 Remingtons.

Many of these sets are made in the U.S. Our lineup of die manufacturers includes top names in the business such as Dillon Precision. Its RL550B three-die sets come complete with sizing/depriming die, bullet seating die and taper crimp die, while the two-die sets have a sizing/depriming die and a seat/crimp die.