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Scent Control Products for the Field

Remain undetected on your next big game hunt with scent control field products from SCHEELS. These scent control products are designed to be used right before you head into the woods and will hide the human odor on you and your gear. Our selection of field scent control includes top brands like Scent Away, Dead Down Winds, and Scent Crusher so you can stay hidden from deer and other scent-sensitive game.

Choose from a variety of scent control products to hide your odor in the field. To quickly mask your scent, scent control sprays are a great option. These field sprays can be used on both you and your gear and take only a few seconds to apply. For a more convenient option, shop our selection of ozone bags, ozone generators, and other scent eliminator systems that destroy odors using innovative ozone technology. Whether you’re looking for scent control spray or a new ozone generator for hunting, stay concealed with scent control field products from SCHEELS.