Sharpening & Cleaning


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About Sharpening & Cleaning

Don't let your trusty hunting or fishing blade get dull and full of gunk. SCHEELS carries a wide range of high-quality knife sharpeners and cleaning supplies from top manufacturers. You'll find many different kinds of sharpeners, including sharpener stones, 3-stage sharpeners, manual sharpeners and electric sharpeners. There are also field sharpeners, diamond sharpeners, stick sharpeners and combination sharpening tools.

We also carry sharpening kits and honing oil. These is essential equipment for keeping your knives, scissors and tools razor sharp and ready for anything. The companies you see here, such as Lansky and Smith’s, are the top names in the business. With our many years of expertise, we carefully choose the suppliers we work with for guaranteed quality and high performance. Quality customer service is our number 1 mission, so give us a call if you have any questions.