Shooting Rests

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About Shooting Rests

High-Quality Shooting Rests to Transform Your Shooting Accuracy

Aim and shoot at your absolute best with a high-quality shooting rest, tac pad, or pump pillow. These stabilization devices are designed by leading brands in shooting accessories, including Caldwell, WieBad, Battenfeld Technologies, Weibad, and much more. Each of these brands has mastered the high-quality design of extremely durable shooting rest bags that help you keep your aim accurate and steady when you’re hunting or shooting at the range.

Caldwell Shooting Supplies combines innovation with precision engineering, and their gun rests feature indestructible material such as heavy-duty ballistic nylon and steel frames. WieBad, a company focused on accessories and clothing, their products are designed to make life easier for fellow hunters and outdoor adventurers. The company’s tac pads and plump pillows are portable, versatile, and provide effective positional stabilization. You’ll discover various styles here to fit your weapon and your requirements.