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Precision Aim with Red Dot Sights

When you need fast target acquisition with reliable accuracy, a red dot or reflex sight will give you the aim you need. Designed to provide a quick point of aim, reflex sights are a popular choice for MSRs and tactical-style competitions like three-gun shooting. We also carry RMR sights that work well with pistols and other small arms. Whether you're looking for a red dot sight for a rifle, handgun, or even a shotgun, SCHEELS selection includes top brands like vortex, Holosun, and Leupold for quality you can trust.

With a small, digital reticle, AR red dot sights provide pinpoint accuracy with rapid acquisition when you are at the range. Most reflex sights are designed with unlimited eye relief, meaning you'll have an accurate point of aim no matter your viewing angle or the distance to your target. While most AR red dots do not have the ability to zoom, we carry red dot magnifiers that allow you to zero in on your targets. When you need fast, accurate aim, choose a reliable red dot sight from SCHEELS.