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Check out SCHEELS selection of quality tennis shoes from brands like Nike, adidas, ASICS, and more. Nike tennis shoes have gained validity for their decades of experience in the tennis industry. From a technical standpoint, having grip is essential when you are returning serves and shots from your opponent, which is why we carry hardcourt tennis shoes that deliver high traction and a lightweight feel. Similarly, lightweight tennis court shoes allow you to maneuver around the court with ease whether you are up by the net or in the backcourt.

Tennis sneakers are designed to give you every extra grip on the court that in turn will help maneuver around the court. Additionally, tennis shoes are also built to be lightweight to give you an added advantage. The lightweight, breathable materials lend to the ability for tennis players to stay comfortable throughout their time on the court. The speed and ability to change directions make having tennis shoes a necessity for the court. We carry men’s tennis shoes and women’s tennis shoes to take your game to the next level at SCHEELS.