Terminal Tackle

About Terminal Tackle


Reel in the big catch of the day and retrieve it to your boat or net with the right terminal tackle at the end of your fishing line. At SCHEELS, we have leading brands, including Berkley, South Bend, Bullet Weights and Water Gremlin in fishing hooks, weights, fishing wire leaders, swivels, jig heads, blades and sinkers to attach to the end of your line. We have specially designed pre-rigged bobbers for kids that cover the hook when casting to help young anglers avoid snags and tangles.

Shop value-priced packs with multiple swivels by SCHEELS Outfitters and our exclusive un-weighted bobber packs with bright colors to easily detect your catch. These bobbers with easy-attach top buttons are favorites of kids and beginning anglers. Be 100 percent satisfied with every purchase from SCHEELS, or we will refund your money. Are team of experts can help you find the best fishing gear.