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Thermal Optics & Night Vision Optics

When night hunting or observing animals in low-light conditions, invest in quality thermal optics or night vision optics for clearer vision in the dark. A thermal optic uses heat emitted from the animal or a person to appear as bright colors in order to help you locate your target, while objects that emit less light will display darker. Using thermal technology allows hunters to locate their targets in complete darkness. In contrast, night vision optics require some light in order for you to be able to see in the dark and will display a greener hue.

Whether you’re looking for thermal optics or night vision optics, SCHEELS carries a variety including scopes, or binoculars, and monoculars depending on your use. Trust leading brands Vortex and Leupold for reliable thermal and night vision optics this season. The difference between having a low-quality and high-quality thermal optic can determine whether or not you have a successful hunt. No matter which style of thermal optic you need for your next hunt, our selection offers the perfect fit for you!