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About Tillers & Cultivators

Rototillers, Garden Tillers, & Cultivators

Help your garden grow with a tiller or cultivator from SCHEELS. Whether you’re planting a small garden or a larger plot, these rototillers and cultivators will help mix the soil for healthy plant growth. With small tillers for gardens, rototillers, and cultivators, every home gardener or lawn care enthusiast will find the right tiller for their yard.

Tillers and cultivators are a great tool for creating healthy soil for your lawn and garden. Cultivators are smaller and easier to handle and help mix loose soil. Cultivators are also great for incorporating compost into your planting area. Garden tillers help break up the soil so it’s softer and more friendly for plant growth. Rototillers and small tillers are both great options for home gardeners getting ready to plant in the spring. Keep the soil fresh in your garden with a tiller or cultivator from SCHEELS.