Water Lounges & Mats

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About Water Lounges & Mats

Water Lounges and Mats to Soak Up the Sun on the Water

Who doesn’t enjoy a sunny afternoon of soaking up the sun on the water? We thought you wouldn’t say no to that. Whether you’re planning your next getaway to the lake or you enjoy living by the shoreline all year round, choose SCHEELS as your go-to water activities headquarters for water lounges and mats. Our selection of water lounges and mats include some of the most leading industry brands such as Aqua Lily Pad, BigMouth Inc., Swimline, Kwik Tek, and many more.

Whether you’re shopping for a single BigMouth float or an oversized mat for a fun time on the water, each of these brands offers fun styles for your friends and family will enjoy. Each of these brands provides the quality and reliability for long-lasting gear that you can use year after year. Need help selecting just the right lounge or mat in your price range? No problem. Our team of experts is here to help you find the lounge or mat you need to enjoy the water.