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Watering & Irrigation for Yard Care

Looking for a new watering or irrigation system? We carry garden hoses, hose nozzles, hose reels, and lawn sprinklers to keep your lawn lush and green. You can also set up a sprinkler timer to make sure your yard gets watered when it needs to be. Be sure to check out our underground sprinklers as well to set up a clean-looking yard. A drip irrigation system slowly drips into the soil to keep your flowers, plants, or vegetables fresh and hydrated.

Visit SCHEELS for all your watering and irrigation needs. If you are looking for something a little more simple, we carry watering cans that are ideal when you are watering a garden or your potted plants. We also carry rain gutters and downspouts that can be used to funnel rainwater away from your house. Whether you are looking for a simple irrigation system or an all-inclusive irrigation system, think of SCHEELS for all your home and yard maintenance needs.