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About Wax Warmers & Melts

Wax Warmers & Wax Melts

Make your home more inviting by using wax warmers and wax melts. SCHEELS carries a wide selection of different wax melt scents to match your fragrance style. Whether you’re looking for traditional wax melt scents like vanilla bean and hazelnut or holiday favorites like peppermint twist and pumpkin spice, our selection is sure to feature just the right scent for you. Plus, we carry high-quality wax melt brands like WoodWick which offer longer-lasting scents than other brands.

Aside from a large selection of wax melt scents, we carry a wide variety of different wax melt warmers too. Whether you’re looking for plug-in wax warmers that act as a nightlight or larger wax warmers that are great for decoration, our selection of wax warmers has both styles available! We even have Christmas wax warmers too to help you decorate for the holiday season. You’ll love the smell, lighting, and decorative touch these wax warmers and melts add to your space.