About Carbon Plate Running Shoes

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Carbon plate running shoes have become increasingly popular among serious runners as they provide enhanced performance benefits for long-distance racing. With more brands like Nike, HOKA, and others providing more carbon plate running shoes, many customers are wondering if they are worth the investment. Our Footwear Experts walk you through frequently asked questions about carbon plate running shoes as well as the benefits so you can decide if you need them for your next race.

What Are Carbon Plate Running Shoes?

Carbon plate running shoes are high-performance running shoes that feature a carbon fiber plate sandwiched or molded between two layers of foam, located in the midsole section of the shoe. These shoes are specifically designed to cater to the needs of long-distance runners and marathoners. 

What Does a Carbon Plate Do in a Running Shoe?

A carbon plate in a running shoe serves as a mechanism for propulsion. Carbon plates store and return energy with each stride allowing runners to conserve energy and maintain their pace more efficiently. These shoes ultimately help with:

  • Maintaining pace
  • Storing and returning energy
  • Propelling the runner forward
  • Maximizing running efficiency

Benefits of Carbon Plate Running Shoes

Carbon plate running shoes provide several key benefits for serious runners:

  • Enhanced energy efficiency, allowing for more efficient running over long distances
  • Reduced leg fatigue, enabling runners to perform at a higher level for longer periods
  • Lower risk of injury due to reduced strain on the legs and feet
  • Improved cushioning and shock absorption for a more comfortable running experience

All of these benefits add up to a high-performance race shoe that can help you reach your PR.

How Long Do Carbon Plate Running Shoes Last?

Even with proper care, carbon plate running shoes do not last as your road running shoes. Your carbon plate shoe will last anywhere from 150 to 200 miles. We recommend rotating through a few different pairs of running shoes including your carbon plate shoes when training. This ensures that you aren’t wearing new shoes on race day but they also aren’t worn out by the time you get to the start line.

Carbon plate running shoes provide runners with enhanced energy efficiency, improved cushioning and shock absorption, and reduced strain on the legs and feet when running long distances. While the exact improvement in running times varies from person to person, carbon plate running shoes help to improve results for any level of runner.

Featured Carbon Plate Running Shoes

As top brands like Nike, HOKA, Brooks, and more continue to release new versions of carbon plate running shoes, there is no better time to try out these high-performance shoes and take your race times to the next level. If you have any more questions about carbon plate running shoes, visit your local SCHEELS and speak with a Footwear Expert!

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