Bauer Hockey Skates Style & Fit Guide

Hockey player wearing Bauer hockey skates

Before hockey season starts, many players and parents are searching for new hockey skates to provide optimal performance on the ice. Bauer, one of the most popular brands in the hockey industry, offers a premium line of hockey skates to match the player’s skate style. Making sure you’re selecting the best style and fit of Bauer hockey skates is important, but the sizing options can be a bit difficult to understand at first. Learn more about the differences between the Vapor and Supreme styles, as well as how to select the right fit for these Bauer hockey skates. With the right style and fit, you or your young player will be ready to hit the ice this season.

Bauer Hockey Skate Styles

Kids putting on Bauer hockey skates

There are two leading styles when looking at Bauer hockey skates, Vapor and Supreme. Knowing the differences between the Vapor and Supreme styles is important so that you can select the appropriate one to match how you or your young player skates. 

Vapor Bauer Hockey Skates

The Vapor style of hockey skates is specifically designed for players who favor quick strides. Features like the supportive tendon guard and asymmetrical taper respond to quick directional changes for faster movements. If you’re a player who values agility and lateral movements, the Vapor hockey skates feature a LS5 carbon-coated steel blade that grips the ice. Plus, the flexible outsole absorbs energy for smoother transitions, while the integrated, injected facing connects to the toe box for supportive lacing across the foot for a lighter-weight skate. 

Ideal For: 

  • Fast starts and quick turns
  • Unpredictable movements
  • Structural support and responsiveness

Supreme Bauer Hockey Skates

The Supreme style of hockey skates is designed for players who value a powerful skate stride. The flexible tendon guard allows for full range of motion throughout the stride, while the unibody outsole provides stiffness for improved energy transfer. With this dynamite combination, the Supreme style of hockey skates maximizes power. Plus, the Titanium-coated, steel Pulse TI blade stays sharper longer and performs throughout powerful strides and tight turns.  

Ideal For:

  • Straight away speed
  • Maximum stride length and power output

Bauer Performance Fit System

After deciding which hockey skate style matches your on-ice performance, you’ll want to think about proper fit. Constantly innovating, Bauer hockey skates now offer more than just regular and wide widths. Aside from these traditional widths, the Vapor and Supreme hockey skates are offered in additional widths identified as Fit 1, Fit 2, and Fit 3. Based on over 800,000 foot scans, Bauer has developed these three additional fits for elevated performance on the ice.

Fit 1 Bauer Hockey Skates

Fit 1: Low Profile

With Bauer hockey skates, Fit 1 is designed for players with a low volume foot. This means that the foot has a shallow heel and instep height along with a narrow forefoot. The Bauer Fit 1 is similar to the traditional Vapor fit. If you’re a hockey player who has trouble finding snug-fitting hockey skates, Fit 1 would be a solid option to try.

Fit 2 Bauer Hockey Skates

Fit 2: Mid Profile

Fit 2 is a profile that will feel comfortable to many hockey players. With a mid profile design, Fit 2 is ideal for hockey players who have a standard instep and heel depth height and a medium forefoot width. The Bauer Fit 2 is similar to the traditional Supreme fit. If you’re unsure about which Bauer Performance Fit System you should try, Fit 2 is a great starting place.

Fit 3 Bauer Hockey Skates

Fit 3: High Profile

Fit 3 is designed for players with a high volume foot. This means that the foot has a tall instep, deep heel depth, and a wide forefoot. The Bauer Fit 3 is similar to the traditional Nexus fit. If you’re a hockey player who needs a little extra room in the boot, Fit 3 could be the option for you.

With Bauer’s new hockey skate sizing, players aren’t limited by their foot size and shape when selecting the appropriate hockey skate. This innovative design combination allows hockey players to pick which style fits their on-ice performance and then choose the most comfortable fit. For more details about these Bauer styles and the Performance Fit System, stop by your local SCHEELS store to speak with an expert.