Best Compound Bows of 2024

a hunter using a compound bow on a treestand

If you’re looking to upgrade your compound bow this season, our Archery Experts share some of the best compound bows of the year. From the best brands in the industry like Mathews, Hoyt, Bowtech, and more, these compound bows feature the latest technology and features in the archery industry so that you can be confident when you get to the field or woods this season.

Please Note: These bows are sold in-store only. If you want to know more about your store’s local inventory, contact an Archery Expert at your local SCHEELS.

Hoyt Carbon RX-8 Compound Bow

Featuring the HBX XACT cams, the Hoyt Carbon RX-8 Compound Bow is the most customizable hunting cam system Hoyt offers, allowing you to adjust the fit and feel of your shot.


  • Wider limbs for lateral stability
  • Hole Shot 2.0 to reduce sound and vibration
  • Vital Point Grip to reduce hand torque, improve comfort, and increase accuracy

Mathews LIFT 29.5 Compound Bow

Lightweight and quiet all while delivering high speed, the Mathews LIFT 29.5 Compound Bow checks all the boxes to provide incredible performance on your next hunt.


  • RPD limbs and new top axle for lightweight stability
  • New Shot Sense™ technology provides advanced feedback from shot to shot
  • SwitchWeight X (SWC) cam to offer more versatility and deliver maximum efficiency that’s tailored to you

Bowtech Carbon One X Compound Bow

For the best choice from Bowtech, turn to the Carbon One X Compound Bow. With the unique no-bow press design, you can make quick and easy adjustments with an Allen wrench.


  • Carbon construction for accuracy, all-weather performance
  • FlipDisc technology and Deadlock cams for versatility and customization

Elite Era Compound Bow

Strong and lightweight, the Elite Era Compound Bow offers precision control and forgiveness.


  • S.E.T. technology to optimize arrow flight
  • New SP cam and V2 Micro Mods to adjust to the exact holding weight, draw length, and back wall to your preference

From quieter shots and smoother draws to improved stability and lightweight designs, these compound bows incorporate cutting-edge technology and features to elevate your archery game. Visit your local SCHEELS store to explore the full selection of compound bows and speak with our knowledgeable Archery Experts for guidance or use our archery lanes to test out the bow.

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