Hunting Dog Training Supplies

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No matter what stage of training your hunting dog is in, knowing the equipment to utilize in order to keep your dog disciplined and experienced in the field is key. Our SCHEELS Hunting Experts explain how to use these hunting dog supplies to train and condition your dog throughout the various hunting training stages. With these tips and training supplies, your pup will become the ultimate hunting partner for upland and waterfowl hunts.

Must-Have Hunting Dog Training Supplies

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When training a hunting dog, you’ll want these three important general supplies picked by our SCHEELS Experts that have been tested out in the field. First, a transitional lead leash is essential to train your dog not to pull during walks on the hunt helping you to control the dog’s excitement and helping the dog to stick close to you. A dummy launcher will teach your dog to look for a falling bird when hearing the loud noise of a gunshot. Also, a check cord will help prevent your dog from getting too far ahead of you when walking for birds during upland hunts. With these three hunting dog supplies, you and your dog will be ready to start training! 

Early Stages of Hunting Dog Training

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For those early stages of hunting dog training, you'll want to use products that introduce your puppy to all the elements of the hunt. A clicker training tool will teach your hunting dog to obey and listen if paired with a tasty treat. A blank pistol allows your puppy to get accustomed to loud gunshot noises heard during the hunt, while a pheasant wing helps your puppy know the look and feel of a game bird while not having to shoot real birds. 

Scent Training For Dogs

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Once your pup understands the basics of the hunt, it’s time to start scent training. When it comes to scent training, you’ll want to make sure your hunting dog knows how to track down a bird and what to look for. The Bird Down Duck Scent is perfect for rubbing on dummies or various other training supplies, so your dog knows what to sniff for when retrieving birds. Grab a dog training kit that includes a whistle, dummy, and training scent so your hunting dog can practice tracking, retrieving, and listening to your commands. A check cord is ideal as well for scent training if used to tie onto a training dummy to drag across the ground. This helps your dog practice tracking and sniffing for bird scents on the move while you don’t have to constantly bend over when dragging the dummy on the ground.  

Command Training Supplies

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Hunting dogs require discipline and obedience during the hunt out in the field. To ensure you hunting dog obeys your commands, our experts suggest investing in a remote dog training collar bundle and whistle. With a wireless remote and electric collar, your hunting dog will learn to obey your commands through static stimulation so they will remain obedient in the most intense moments during the hunt. Hearing the Sportdog dog whistle in the field or during training will have your hunting dog dialed in to always listen for its owner, no matter the distance from you on a hunt.                           

Upland & Waterfowl Hunting Dog Supplies

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Having your hunting dog wear essential gear during a bird hunt is important both for you and your dog’s safety. The Performance Dog Hunting Vest will cover your dog in bright orange for safety and offers an abrasion-resistant outer shell so your hunting dog is protected from thick brush on those upland hunts. Also, the SCHEELS Outfitters Dog vest is another camouflaged vest that features a handle to grab your dog in the water and offers warmth during those later-season duck hunts. Keeping your hunting dog fed and hydrated is important as well. With a traveling canteen, your hunting dog will stay energized for long walks on upland hunts or swimming during duck hunts.

SCHEELS has the hunting dog training supplies you need to get your companion performing the way they should when out in the field. Looking for more? Shop our wide selection of hunting dog training supplies for different aspects of the hunt or stop by your local SCHEELS to speak with one of our Hunting Experts today!