Best Ice Fishing Fish Finders

Ice angler fishing with an ice fishing fish finder

When it comes to ice fishing, the way you rig your ice rod is important but can only get you so far if you don't have eyes below the ice. For those looking to have greater success on the ice this season, adding an ice fishing fish finder helps anglers see where the fish are located and at what depth. If you're looking for your first unit or wanting an upgrade, our Ice Fishing Experts have narrowed down the five best fish finders for ice fishing this season and all the features the make them stand out.

Most Versatile Ice Fish Finder Bundle

Garmin All Season ECHOMAP LiveScope Fish Finder Bundle

Garmin ice fish finder bundle

The Garmin All Season ECHOMAP Livescope Fish Finder Bundle is about as versatile as ice fishing fish finders come. This bundle can be used as both an open water fish finder and an ice fish finder as well. Included in this bundle, you’ll receive a fishing locator, open water transducer, and a Livescope kit for all of the features you could want in an ice fishing fish finder bundle. The Garmin ECHOMAP 93SV Locator features an ultra-high-definition 9” touchscreen with a keypad for your viewing convenience. The Garmin Livescope LVS34 has an improved resolution from previous models with reduced noise and better separation of the fish with LiveScope Forward and Downward modes. View fish sonar readings in real-time to pinpoint where you’ll want to set up your ice shelter for the most bites. Plus, easily transition this Garmin All Season Fish Finder to open water by mounting your unit to your boat with the included Garmin GT54 transducer.

Best Standard Ice Fish Finder Bundle

Humminbird Ice Helix 7 CHIRP GPS G4 All Season Fish Finder

Humminbird ice fish finder

The Humminbird Ice Helix 7 CHIRP GPS G4 All Season Fish Finder is a perfect high-quality benchmark option if you’re looking for a solid fish finder unit with a high-quality easy-to-read display. Plus, you can use the Ice Helix 7 all year round with its open-water capability as well. This bundle includes an ICE HELIX 7 CHIRP GPS G4 fish finder and a Dual Spectrum CHIRP ICE transducer with a high-quality, built-in GPS system. The detailed LCD display offers adjustable brightness whether you’re in a low-lit ice shelter or out in the bright sun on the ice. The dual spectrum CHIRP sonar gives clear reads of individual fish under the ice at deeper depths so you know exactly how far down they are located. Adjust your sonar zoom as well to hone in on individual fish and get exact location reads. Plus, easily transition this Humminbird fish finder bundle to open-water fishing use on the boat when the season changes.

Most Reliable Ice Fish Finder

Vexilar FLX-12 Lithium Combo Genz Pack Fish Finder

Vexilar ice fish finder

The SCHEELS exclusive Vexilar FLX-12 Lithium Combo Genz Pack Fish Finder is a classic and reliable ice fishing fish finder. This Vexilar ice flasher system has a self leveling 12-degree transducer with an added float to keep track of your cord. Experience up to six depth ranges that go down to 120 feet deep for a full range of depth readings to narrow down those hot fishing locations. The long-lasting brushless flashing technology will last you year over year aiding in your ice fishing adventures. The rugged polypropylene Genz Box is built to last and can also fit all sizes of ice transducers if need be. For a reliable ice fishing fish finder with classic transducer technology, look to the Vexilar FLX-12 Lithium Combo Genz Pack Fish Finder.

Best Value Ice Fishing Fish Finder

MarCum M1 Flasher Fish Finder

Marcum ice fish finder

The Marcum M1 Flasher Fish Finder comes in as the best bang for your buck ice fish finder in our series. With a 20-degree cone angle, you’ll receive sonar reads from across the ice rather than just from around your ice hole. Plus, the 8-foot transducer cable allows for deeper reads below the ice surface for clearer sonar images of fish. This advanced flasher sonar is super quiet paired with the high-resolution display with bright colors so you can easily read what depth fish are located below your hole. The transducer is able to read depths all the way down to 160 feet deep to spot those bottom dweller fish that like to stay in deeper water. With a 2-inch target separation easily differentiate between different fish below the ice. The Marcum M1 Flasher Fish Finder is perfect for beginner ice anglers looking at starting their ice fishing journey.

Newest Ice Fishing Fish Finder Bundle

Lowrance HDS Live All Season Fish Finder Bundle

Lowrance ice fish finder bundle

The Lowrance HDS Live All Season Fish Finder Bundle is the newest ice fishing fish finder bundle taking the stage. This versatile bundle can be used in both open water and ice fishing settings and includes everything you need for live sonar. An active imaging 3-in-1 transducer and a touchscreen HDS Live 9 fish locator are combined in this all-in-one bundle that allows for easier-to-read fish target locations with the FishReveal™ Smart Target View. The HDS Live 9 fish finder features a high-resolution display that is easy to see even in low-light settings like the inside of your ice shelter. Plus, you can easily convert this Lowrance ice fishing fish finder bundle to open water settings when the seasons change.

If you have any more questions on our ice fishing fish finders, shop our entire selection or learn more about ice fishing fish finders and their uses for ice fishing. You can also visit your nearest SCHEELS location to speak with an Ice Fishing Expert.