10 Best Outdoor Activities for Families

A girl riding her bike with her dad skateboarding

When summertime rolls around, everyone in the family is ready to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. Staying active outdoors is a great way to make memories together and prevent your kids from saying, I’m bored over summer vacation. Whether you’re looking for backyard activities for kids, planning a BBQ with the neighbors, or needing gear for a weekend adventure, we’ve compiled a list of our 10 best outdoor activities for families to enjoy this summer. 

1. Playing Basketball

boy dunking a basetball into a goalsetter hoop

Shooting hoops in the driveway is a fun way to spend summer evenings. Whether you choose to play one-on-one, Horse, or Lightning, family members and neighbors will enjoy a little friendly competition. Playing basketball is one of the best outdoor activities for families because any kid from elementary to high school age will be sure to have fun. 

2. Make a Splash

girl squirting a water gun during a water fight

Nothing beats going swimming on a warm summer day, unless you get to go swimming in your backyard! If you have kids who enjoy the water, getting a backyard pool along with plenty of pool toys will keep them busy and cool during the dog days of summer. If you don’t have room in your yard to set up a pool, a sprinkler or water slide is a great alternative, or you can even challenge friends and family to a water balloon or water gun fight. 

3. Jumping on the Trampoline

a boy jumping on a trampoline

If you’re looking for one of the best backyard activities for kids, make sure to invest in a trampoline this summer! With a trampoline set up in the backyard, your kids will enjoy jumping and playing games for hours on end. Plus, they will be all tired out and ready to relax after being active in the fresh air.

4. Go on a Bike Ride

kids resting after riding their bikes

Whether it’s around the block or on the paved trails, one of our favorite family outdoor activities is going on a bike ride together. If you have younger kids who can’t bike for too long, we suggest using a bike trailer or plan a break at a park along the way. Just be sure that everyone has a properly fitting bike helmet for safety!

5. Go Camping

a couple camping outdoors drinking coffee

If your family is looking for a weekend getaway, try out camping this summer. Camping requires the whole family to be involved with everything from setting up the tent and cooking meals to sharing stories around the campfire. Backyard camping is a popular choice for families with younger children too.

6. Play Yard Games

a girl playing yard games with her grandparents

From classic yard games like bean bag toss and ladderball to competitive favorites such as Crossnet and Spikeball, yard games are a fun outdoor activity for families. We suggest storing a few different options in your garage so you always have a variety to choose from no matter the skill level or age!

7. Go Inline Skating

two teenagers rollerblading together

For those middle and high school kids, one of the best outside activities is inline skaing. Kids love chatting and laughing with their friends while still staying active. If you’re interested in buying a new pair, use our sizing guide to learn how to size inline skates so you’ll be ready to roll right away!

8. Play Bubbles & Chalk

Bubbles and chalk are some of the best outdoor activities for toddlers because they both help build their imagination and fine motor skills. Plus, this is an affordable outdoor activity that will keep them engaged.

9. Go to the Beach

kids and a mom going to the beach

If you live near the ocean or a lake, we suggest planning a day at a nearby beach. Building sandcastles, swimming, and soaking up the sun are great ways to spend time as a family this summer. Before heading out for a day in the sun, be sure to pack all your beach essentials like sunscreen and sunglasses.

10. Fire Up the Grill

family eating outdoors together

Although not a physical activity, grilling for your family and friends is still a great way to spend time outdoors. Whether you’re cooking fried rice or burgers on a griddle or smoking barbeque ribs on your Traeger, preparing a delicious meal is a fun way to try out new flavors and food. Check out our SCHEELS recipes where our grilling experts share some of their favorite meals and side dishes to make.

With these 10 best outdoor activities for kids and families, you’ll find so many different ways to be active and enjoy the summer. Make SCHEELS your headquarters for all things fun this summer!