Best Wakeboards for 2024

best wakeboards for beginner and intermediates/experts

Are you ready to take your wakeboarding skills to the next level? Having the right wakeboard can make all the difference in your performance on the water. Our Wakeboarding Experts outline their wakeboard picks for both beginner riders and intermediate to expert riders from top wakeboarding brands Ronix and Hyperlite! You’ll have what you need to make an informed decision for future rides across the water.

Best Beginner Wakeboards

Scheels Ronix Vault w/ Divide Boot

The Scheels Ronix Vault Wakeboard Package and Divide Boot is designed with expert knowledge of wakeboarding dynamics and provides stability and control for confident rides on any side. Experience heightened performance and excitement as you carve through the water with ease.

Featured Specs:

  • Lightweight design for easy maneuvering
  • Modello Core technology reduces swing rate in the air
  • Provides enhanced feedback with the water

Ronix District w/ District Bindings

The versatile Ronix District Wakeboard Package with District Bindings is a lightweight board that offers enhanced feedback, smooth turns, and fast takeoffs for explosive jumps. Whether you prefer strong lift, a floaty feel, or sharp turns, the Ronix District adapts to your style.

Featured Specs:

  • Lightweight design for easy maneuvering
  • Modello Core technology reduces swing rate in the air
  • Ensures soft landings
  • Adapts to your riding style

Hyperlite Venice w/ Viva Bindings

The Hyperlite Venice Wakeboard Package with Viva Bindings features a wider profile and continuous rocker for smooth carving and enhanced pop off the wake. The Variable Edge Design offers forgiveness between the inserts and a strong edge hold for speed into the wake, ensuring a comfortable and responsive ride every time.

Featured Specs:

  • Lightweight design for easy handling
  • Designed to advance with you
  • Provides soft landings
  • Biolite 3 Core is lightweight and durable

Best Intermediate & Expert Wakeboards

Hyperlite 2024 Riot

The redesigned Hyperlite 2024 Riot Wakeboard builds on the original's characteristics for a faster, more responsive ride. Featuring a new shape with cleaner base features and the thinnest edge profile, it offers a fluid feel on the water and unmatched speed when carving.

Featured Specs:

  • Abrupt continuous rocker for added speed boost
  • Variable edge design enhances control and fluid feel on the water
  • Fins provide quick board releases for expert maneuvers

Ronix 2023 RXT

The Ronix 2023 RXT Wakeboard is a lightweight powerhouse packed with cutting-edge technology. This board delivers soft landings, smooth rides, and enhanced stability. Featuring the fastest rocker-line and Blackout Technology, this board is perfect for riders seeking to maximize their performance.

Featured Specs:

  • Known as one of the most impressive wakeboards on the market
  • Continuous rocker design is one of Ronix’s fastest boards
  • Blackout Technology enhances response and offers a secure connection between rider and board both in the water and jumping off the wake
  • Lightweight body for easy maneuvering

Hyperlite 2024 Rusty Pro

The Hyperlite 2024 Rusty Pro Wakeboard has an advanced wakeboard shape that offers the perfect surface area for impressive airs and a lightweight feel. The longer length and wider profile deliver a poppy and snappy ride, effortlessly taking you to the wake's edge. Equipped with new .7-inch SS Beam Fins, you can break free or land smoothly even in challenging situations.

Featured Specs:

  • Abrupt continuous rocker for increased speed and agility
  • Offers an aggressive ride experience
  • Thin construction minimizes swing rate and is extremely lightweight in the air
guy wakeboarding on the water

Choosing the right wakeboard is key for maximizing your performance and fun on the water. Whether you are a beginner looking for stability and control or an intermediate to expert rider seeking speed and precision, our Wakeboarding Experts’ top picks offer something for every skill level. Invest in a quality wakeboard that suits your needs, and get ready for your best wakeboarding yet.

Still have questions about the right wakeboard for you? Contact your local SCHEELS to speak with a Wakeboarding Expert!

wakeboarding experts molly & brian

Molly & Brian Huber

Wakeboarding Experts, Molly and Brian Huber, love wakeboarding as a family. Here's what they have to say: "Wakeboarding is something that almost everyone can do, which is why we enjoy it. The whole family can join in! It is also an enjoyable way to build strength and work on balance."

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