How to Choose a Golf Glove

nike golf glove on a golfer

Having the proper golf equipment that’s suited to your playing level is important when heading out for a round of golf. One piece of golf equipment that’s sometimes overlooked by beginners is a golf glove. If you’re new to the game of golf, our Golf Experts break down commonly asked questions about golf gloves and offer some of our best golf glove options.

Why Wear a Golf Glove?

One of the main reasons players choose to wear a golf glove is to improve their grip on the club, especially on long-distance shots. Wearing a golf glove increases friction to reduce the chance of the club slipping slightly and causing an off-center shot. A golf glove also reduces the chance of getting blisters, keeping your swing more comfortable. The last reason to wear a golf glove is for protection from rain or cold weather. 

What Hand Do You Wear a Golf Glove On?

Typically, golfers only wear one golf glove to protect their top hand as this hand experiences more friction from the club. You want to avoid wearing two golf gloves as this can negatively affect your grip. 

When buying a new golf glove, you’ll notice an option to select “right hand” or “left hand.” Most beginner golfers ask, “What hand do I wear my golf glove on?” When gripping the club, you want to wear your golf glove on the top (non-dominant) hand.

  • If you’re a right-handed golfer, you’ll wear the glove on your left hand and need to buy a left-hand glove.
  • If you’re a left-handed golfer, you’ll wear the glove on your right hand and need to buy a right-hand glove.

How Should a Golf Glove Fit?

A golf glove should fit tightly next to your skin so there are no loose materials impeding your swing. In order to determine the correct size of golf glove, you’ll need two different measurements:

  1. Circumference around your knuckles
  2. Length from the bottom of your hand to the tip of your middle finger

Once you have these two measurements, use the appropriate generic golf glove size chart to find the best size. If you fall between sizes, it’s best to start with the smaller size glove. Please note for the most accurate sizing, consult the brand’s golf glove size chart.

Men’s Golf Glove Size Chart

SizeHand Length (in.)Circumference (in.)
Small6 ⅞—7 ⅛
7 ¾—8
Medium7 ⅛—7 ⅜
8—8 ¼
M/L7 ⅜—7 ½
8 ¼—8 ⅜
Large7 ⅜—7 ¾
8 ⅜ —8 ¾
XL7 ¾—8
8 —9 ¼ 
2XL8—8 ¼
9 ¼—9 ½

Women’s Golf Glove Size Chart

SizeHand Length (in.)Circumference (in.)
Small6—6 ⅜
6 ¼ —7
Medium6 ⅜—6 ⅝
7—7 ⅝
M/L6 ⅝—6 ¾
7 ⅝—7 ¾
Large6 ¾—7 ⅛
7 ¾—8
XL7 ⅛—7 ⅜
8—8 ¼

Cadet vs. Regular Golf Glove

You’ll notice cadet sizing for golf gloves too. A regular golf glove features standard proportions for the palm and fingers, while a cadet golf glove features a wider palm with shorter fingers. If regular golf gloves fit your palm well but leave plenty of extra material at the tips of your fingers or your hands tend to swell throughout the round, you may want to consider a cadet golf glove.

How to Clean Golf Gloves

When on the golf course, be sure to take your glove off between shots to keep it drier. After your round is complete, leave your glove outside of your golf bag to let it dry out.

Most golf gloves are made of soft leather so they cannot be placed in a washing machine. Instead, use a small amount of detergent and cold water to gently scrub away the stains and dirt. Rinse with cold water and let air dry.

Make sure you have all the necessary golf gear you need for the course including a new golf glove. If you have any additional questions relating to purchasing a new golf glove, call or visit your local SCHEELS to speak with a Golf Expert.