How to Choose Yoga Clothing

A woman wearing yoga clothing

Yoga is a great way to clear your mind, relieve stress, and tone your muscles, but too often people find themselves distracted throughout the class thanks to baggy and uncomfortable clothing. If you’re practicing yoga regularly, you’ll want to invest in yoga clothing that keeps you covered, comfortable, and confident when moving from downward dog to forward fold. From hot yoga to restorative yoga, you’ll want to choose the best yoga clothing for you and your favorite yoga practice, so we’ve broken down what to look for while choosing your next yoga outfit.

Fabric Content

Wearing stretchy, breathable clothing is a must for staying comfortable during yoga, which is why most yoga clothing is made from polyester or nylon combined with a fair amount of spandex. You’ll notice many yoga clothes contain at least 15-percent spandex so you’re able to easily stretch, reach, and bend throughout each pose. Plus, this blend of fabric provides maximum breathability as well as wicks away sweat to keep you cool and dry. No matter which style of yoga class you favor, it’s important to pay attention to the fabric content to enhance your comfort.

Yoga Bottoms

A woman wearing yoga bottoms

For women, you have plenty of options when choosing yoga bottoms—yoga leggings, yoga pants, or yoga shorts. You know that you need yoga bottoms that wick away sweat and stretch, but you also want to make sure that your yoga bottoms match the style of yoga you like to practice.

  • Yoga leggings are ideal for high-movement classes like Vinyasa because they fit tightly at your ankles preventing your toes from getting hooked on your pant hems while transitioning between poses.
  • Yoga pants are different from yoga leggings because they have a loose, open fit at the ankles. If you’re planning on going to a restorative yoga class that requires less movement, yoga pants are a great option. 
  • For those who enjoy practicing hot yoga, you may want to consider a pair of yoga shorts. Although yoga shorts are cooler, they don’t provide as much coverage as yoga leggings and doing balance poses might be challenging to hold for extended periods of time with slick, sweaty skin. 

No matter which type of yoga bottoms you decide to wear, you’ll want to make sure you stay away from cotton fabrics as they are often see-through when bending over. Also, for tummy control and maximum coverage while holding inverted poses, it’s best to look for yoga bottoms classified at high-waisted. 

For men, your options for yoga bottoms include yoga shorts or yoga pants. Although there are yoga-specific shorts featuring built-in liners, you can also wear your regular workout shorts with an under layer to offer the needed coverage and support. Men’s yoga pants look very similar to traditional joggers, but they have an even tighter fit at the bottom to help the yoga pants stay in place while holding different poses.

Yoga Tops

A woman wearing a yoga top

When selecting a new yoga top, it’s important to make sure the yoga top fits snugly around your hips to prevent the shirt from falling over your head during different yoga poses. Most yogis prefer wearing a yoga tank top or yoga shirt throughout the majority of the practice to keep them cool. If you plan on going to a hot yoga class, you may want to consider a yoga top with different cutouts or slits to maximize ventilation. For women, you can avoid an additional layer by looking for a yoga tank top with a built-in bra. Depending on the weather and season, it’s a good idea to have a lightweight yoga jacket, long-sleeved shirt, or sweater to wear prior to class starting and during your final relaxation and restoration pose. 


No matter which type of yoga top you decide on wearing, make sure you pick your favorite color or pattern. With leading yoga brands like prAna and Beyond Yoga, you’re sure to find a calming color or stylish pattern to boost your confidence while practicing yoga. Plus, most yoga brands keep their yoga clothing tag-free with soft seams to prevent any potential distractions.

Yoga Clothing Accessories

Other yoga accessories

Yoga Bras: Even though yoga isn’t thought of as a high-impact exercise, female yogis will still want to make sure to wear a supportive sports bra, especially during a Vinyasna class which requires plenty of bending and twisting. With a wide variety of different straps, bands, and closures, you’ll want to select a yoga bra that matches your personal preferences. 

Yoga Socks: Depending on the room temperature or need for added traction, some people choose to wear yoga socks. The bottoms of yoga socks feature small sticky gips to increase grip. Yoga socks also keep your feet warm and absorb sweat during your practice.

Ultimately, you want yoga clothes that allow you to focus on your practice and make you feel confident. If you have additional questions about which style of yoga clothing to wear to a class, stop into your nearest SCHEELS location to speak with an expert. 

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