How to Tie a Palomar Knot

For those new to fishing, you’ll quickly learn the usefulness of the palomar knot. A palomar knot is one of the most popular and reliable knots anglers use when attaching a lure or terminal tackle to their line. Although the palomar knot can be used with many different types of fishing line, using this knot with braided fishing line works best. With some practice, tying a palomar knot is quick and easy, making it a popular choice among beginner and experienced anglers alike. One of our SCHEELS experts, walks you through how to tie a palomar knot. 

Palomar Knot Tying Directions:

A close up of a Palomar knot
  1. Place your tag line through the eye of the bait and pull, leaving yourself plenty of line
  2. Take the same end of the tag line and go back through the eye of your bait. This will make a loop. You don’t want to tighten the loop.
  3. Tie an overhand knot (the first knot you use when tying your shoes)
  4. Pull your whole bait through the loop
  5. Pull your tag and main line at the same time
  6. When they start to form a knot, wet the knot and pull tight
  7. Once your knot is tight, trim the excess tag

From ice fishing to bass fishing, all anglers use the palomar knot—no matter the technique or species. Since the palomar knot retains nearly all of the fishing line’s strength, you can be confident that this knot won’t break during a fight with your next trophy fish. Many of our fishing experts suggest practicing how to tie the palomar knot before getting out on the water. This will ensure you spend less time fumbling with your line and bait and more time catching fish!

For those anglers looking to tie their main line to their leader line, check out our expert instructions on how to tie a uni knot. If you have additional questions or are struggling with how to tie a palomar knot, call or stop by your nearest SCHEELS to speak with one of our fishing experts!