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Jason Mitchell has been a partner with SCHEELS for the last 8 years. We asked him why he chose SCHEELS and Clam, and what makes the relationship work so well.

"Working with SCHEELS just seemed like such a natural fit for many reasons. We are both headquartered out of North Dakota, our demographic and viewership overlaps a high percentage of SCHEELS retail locations in the upper Midwest. I also believe we share a lot of the same overall core business values where we value the customer relationship and value quality and integrity.

We have been involved with Clam for over twenty years and we were on the forefront of the ice fishing industry since the early days. Clam has always been an industry leader so it was a natural attraction. Clam has shared the same vision for what the ice industry could become by again sharing the same core values in regards to the customer experience. Clam is also very open to innovation and listens to the boots on the ground.

Working with both Clam and SCHEELS to produce the SCHEELS exclusive Jason Mitchell Series of ice fishing shelters has been a dream come true. We wanted to create a high quality selection of shelters that were technical and designed for a purpose. We basically wanted to create the very best selection of ice fishing shelters available in the industry regardless of fishing style, water or species." -Jason Mitchell

Clam Jason Mitchell Yukon XL Thermal Flip Over

The Clam Jason Mitchell Yukon XL Thermal Flip Over is A nice sized two-person shelter that is easy to tow by machine or by hand. This sled can also fit in smaller pickup beds and larger SUV's. The advantage of this sled is in the weight. It is light enough to make those small nimble moves that will allow you to find fish and stay on the fish, but not sacrificing space for two anglers.

Clam Jason Mitchell X200 Thermal Flip Over

The Clam Jason Mitchell X200 Thermal Flip Over is a heavy-duty fish house. This two-person house is built for the rugged fisherman. If you are going to be pulling this for miles and miles at places, this is the house for you. Built with a heavy-duty tub and 1,200 denier fabric, it will handle the cold and brutal winds and anything else you can throw at it.

Clam Jason Mitchell Nanook XL Thermal Flip Over

The Clam Jason Mitchell Nanook XL Thermal Flip Over is a versatile two-person shelter that can be easily used as a roomy one-person shelter. It is also light enough to make those early season outings on early winter ice before you can get a vehicle or machine on the ice. Whether you are pan fishing with extra rods, or deadsticking for walleyes, this shelter will give you more than enough room to get it done.

Clam Jason Mitchell Legend XL Thermal Flip Over

The Clam Jason Mitchell Legend XL Thermal Flip Over is the perfect shelter when the fishing becomes tough. When you are drilling holes all day and moving to find fish all day, this shelter allows you to make multiple moves in a trip with ease. So, instead of being hunkered down in a hub or large shelter, take a look at the Legend XL and stay on the fish all day long.

Clam Jason Mitchell JMX400/600 Thermal Hubs

The hub shelter has become a popular option in the last couple of years. They do a great job of allowing anglers to spread out, whether it's using multiple rods in states that allow it or bringing multiple people out on the ice. Another great benefit of hub shelters is the ability to fold them up compactly and store them in areas much smaller than a flip over style house.

Article By: SCHEELS