Top Kayak Fishing Accessories

Kayak Fishing Accessories

In the last few years, Kayak fishing has been more popular than ever. More and more people are leaving the shore and heading out in a kayak to find their next catch. For myself, kayak fishing began about six years ago. I had always fished from shore until I heard about people fishing from kayaks and it peaked my interest. I purchased a Pelican sit-on-top kayak and took my first trip to Lawrence Youngman Lake outside of Omaha. It remains one of the most memorable days I have spent on the water. On that day alone, I caught five times more fish than I've caught on that lake in my lifetime. From then on, I was hooked on kayak fishing.

Since my first kayak fishing trip, I have upgraded to a bigger kayak with more stability. Choosing the right kayak for fishing is essential, but I have learned that having the right accessories can make or break a fishing trip. Since having the right accessories is so instrumental in your success on the water, here are some of the best kayak fishing accessories to add on.


Dragging a kayak from your vehicle to the water is extremely cumbersome and can damage the bottom of your kayak. SCHEELS carries a variety of different wheel carts for transporting kayaks. For sit-on-top kayaks, choose a wheel cart style that inserts into the scupper holes in the floor of the kayak.

Before you pick your fishing spot, choosing the right fish finder for your kayak is crucial. Having a fish finder with GPS technology gives you the ability to locate fish, mark locations, and track where you have been. With the right fish finder on your kayak, you'll be able to navigate and find fish with ease.

Crates are versatile tools with the right amount of storage and customizable options to accommodate anything a fisherman needs when they're out on the water. Many kayak anglers would use milk crates in their kayaks prior to brands creating their own crates specifically for kayaks. Crates are perfect for storing everything from extra lures and bait to rods and valuables.

As you become more familiar with kayak fishing, you will find that adding additional rods can result in catching more fish. Tying knots in a kayak can be challenging so having multiple set-ups tied with different styles of lures can save valuable time. In order to have these extra rods available, you will need to have plenty of reliable rod holders. Kayaks can generally carry anywhere from 3–6 different rods at a time, and they can easily fit next to your crate.

Customization can be incredibly beneficial when rigging up your kayak. Gear tracks give you a seemingly endless amount of set-up opportunities and the ability to add a variety of different mounts. Set yourself up for the best fishing experience possible with a kayak that's fully-customized.

It is without question the most important tool for kayak fishing is your life vest. The two options available are traditional and inflatable PFD (personal floatation device). Traditional vests are bulkier but have the capability to have pockets and/or attachments. Inflatable PFD's are a much smaller profile which provide more maneuverability; especially with anglers who are paddling instead of peddling. Once you choose your style, it is important to make sure the vest is the right fit to ensure you have the safest experience on the water.

Kayak fishing is one of the most customizable hobbies you will find. No two people will rig their kayaks with the same gear in the same spot. The possibilities are endless so if you have any questions on kayak fishing, stop by your local SCHEELS and speak with one of our experts!

Article By: SCHEELS