In one of the brand’s first US wholesaler partnerships, L.L.Bean is teaming up with SCHEELS to bring their line of outdoor-focused products to customers in a whole new way. SCHEELS now carries a selection of L.L.Bean’s core products online and in select stores. From the classic Bean Boots to flannels and outerwear, SCHEELS customers can enjoy the high-quality craftsmanship and style L.L.Bean has perfected over the last century. With a shared passion for the outdoors and a commitment to quality, L.L.Bean makes the perfect addition to SCHEELS product selection.


Since 1912, the Maine-based company has made it their mission to help everyone experience the many benefits of being outdoors — through high-quality products, commitment to community, and superior customer service. Because whether it’s an epic mountain trek or a walk in the neighborhood with friends, the time we spend outside is good for us.


Maine is no stranger to the elements — especially the cold. That’s just one of the many reasons L.L.Bean has been a leader in outerwear for more than a century. From the coziest fleece to the most advanced down jackets, they continually innovate and test new and classic outerwear to ensure the elements never keep you from enjoying the outdoors.


L.L.Bean clothes are all about superior comfort, lasting quality, and colorful styles that look good for a long time. After all, the more comfortable you are, the better the experience — especially outdoors. And since there’s no good reason you shouldn’t be comfortable all the time, they offer reliable clothes, sleepwear, and accessories for work, play, and everything in between.


When your entire brand was built on a boot over 100 years old, you know a thing or two about footwear. Along with their iconic Bean Boot (created by Leon Leonwood Bean in 1912), they offer a wide range of cold-weather and hiking boots, cozy slippers, and a variety of casual shoes and mocs to walk through everyday life with unbeatable comfort and style.

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The exciting new partnership between L.L.Bean and SCHEELS provides us with the unique opportunity to introduce new customers to each brand and give our current customers new, top-quality products they can enjoy wherever their next journey takes them. Experience L.L.Bean for yourself now at SCHEELS.

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