Must-Have Bike Accessories

A man riding his bike on the trails

The world of biking is a vast and ever expanding space full of different types of riding and gear to accompany those riders. Whether you’re new to biking or experienced, there are must-have bike accessories for enhancing your rides each and every time. If you’re interested in the different types of riding, learn how to choose a bike that is designed for each activity. For those who have their bike and are ready to take it to the next level let’s get started.

Bike Helmets

A man wearing a bike helmet

Pull the brakes! Before getting started with all of the cool and flashy accessories, you need to think about safety first. Bike helmets are necessary for avoiding injury as long as the bike helmet fits and you’re wearing the proper bike helmet for the type of riding you’re doing. If you’re on the fence about wearing a bike helmet, don’t worry. SCHEELS offers a wide variety of bike helmets that are stylish and comfortable so you will forget it’s even there!

Bike Locks

Two people using a bike lock when not riding their bike

Bike locks are a must-have bike accessory for anyone who leaves their bike unattended. When it comes to bike locks, you get what you pay for. SCHEELS Experts recommend investing in a high-quality bike lock to prevent future worry and hassle. We offer a wide selection of bike locks in multiple lock styles such as key bike locks or combination bike locks, as well as different constructions such as U-locks, chain locks, and cable locks to fit your needs. With all of the cool bike accessories we are adding to your bike, keep it safe with a premium bike lock.

Bike Lights

Two people use bike lights while riding near sunset

Cycling doesn’t have to be a daytime only activity. Continue the ride uninterrupted long into the night with bike lights. If you have a favorite trail or bike route, experience it again for the first time at night using one of our many bike lights available. Not only do bike lights provide light for a longer ride, but they also keep you safe from cars and pedestrians traveling at night or during the day. No matter what time it is, increased visibility means increased safety. To experience a whole new side to cycling check out our wide selection of bike lights.

Water Bottles & Bike Water Bottle Holders

Bike water bottles in bike water bottle holders on a bike

Hydration is key for anyone looking to ride for longer than just a short ten minute trip. Make sure you are giving your body what it needs so you can enjoy your ride without pain or dehydration. SCHEELS carries a wide variety of bike water bottles designed to be easy squeeze and insulated to keep your water cold. We also have a large selection of bike water bottle holders and cages to make sure your bike water bottle is within arms reach. These holders and cages are a great way to customize your bike with multiple different styles to choose from. Stay hydrated and feeling your best with bike water bottles and bike water bottle holders.

Bike Bags & Panniers

Bike bag on a bike

For those who use their bikes for commuting or extended rides, bike bags, bike packs, and panniers are perfect for keeping all of your cargo in one, easy to access spot that gives your shoulders a break and you more energy to ride. Forget your heavy backpack and transfer all of your essentials to the back of the bike. SCHEELS carries a variety of different bike bags and panniers to allow for that custom look and sizing options depending on what you need. For longer rides on trails or to carry items to work, bike bags, bike packs, and panniers are here to make bike travelling a breeze.

Bike Pumps & Bike Tools

Woman packs her bike tools for a long bike trip

Now that you have your bike bag, make sure to save some room inside for bike tools in case of emergencies. Bike pumps and bike tools are a must-have accessory for any biker whether you ride once a month or every day. You never know when a chain will break or a bolt will loosen. Punctured tires are one of the most common issues riders face while on their ride. Be prepared for anything with a bike pump that can be mounted to the frame of your bike and bike tools like multi-tools and wrench sets. If you want to know if your bike is top-notch before you run into complications, learn how to tune up your bike. Keep the ride going through any challenge with bike pumps and bike tools.

Bike Computers

Bike computer with built-in GPS

Now that we have the basic must-have bike accessories it’s time to take your riding experience to the next level. For the riders that want to learn more about their bike and themselves, bike computers are a great investment. Designed with simple, intuitive interfaces, bike computers open up a whole new world of bike training and how you look at cycling. Features of bike computers depending on the style include monitoring speed, distance, time, heart rate, power, cadence, VO2 max, and more. Some bike computers even include GPS functions so you can plan your routes as you ride. For the best riding experience, bike computers are a must-have accessory to turn cycling from a hobby into a passion.

With the proper must-have bike accessories, you'll be ready for short commutes to work or extended day trips. For more information about bike accessories, call or stop into your local SCHEELS to speak with a Bike Expert today! For those still looking to enhance their rides check out our wide selection of cycling clothing and cycling shoes to create a new you to go along with your new bike.