Oofos are Shoes for Comfort

Comfortable Shoes called Oofos

What do runners, nurses, and  construction workers have in common? They all need a comfortable pair of shoes to slip into after being on their feet for an extended amount of time. Whether you are training for a marathon or looking for a comfortable pair of shoes for work, look no further than Oofos recovery shoes. With a pair of Oofos shoes, you’re able to recover faster so you feel better for your next workout or workday. 

Oofos Technology

Being active can be demanding on your joints, which means that your feet and body feel sore and more fatigued. There’s a new solution to constant foot and body fatigue—Oofos shoes. The foam technology used in Oofos shoes absorbs 37% more impact than traditional athletic EVA foam. With this amount of absorbed shock, you’re able to keep moving while still letting your feet and ankles recover and relax. The Oofos technology doesn’t stop with the type of foam used. These comfortable shoes feature an Oofos patented footbed designed to reduce energy that’s exerted on the ankles by up to 20%. The combination of soft foam and innovative design make Oofos one of the best recovery shoes available.

Reasons to Wear Oofos

You don’t have to be an all-star athlete to sport these comfortable shoes. The technology in Oofos makes these shoes a great option for those who struggle with foot pain from plantar fasciitis. Since the Oofos footbed is designed to increase and promote circulation, the tissue on the bottom of your foot will gain better mobility. Additionally, these shoes are ideal for people who spend hours on their feet each day at work. Oofos shoes not only reduce impact, but they also provide support and cushion all day long. For those who are looking for a post-workout shoe, Oofos are designed specifically to alleviate stress from feet and joints so your body can recover and rebuild for the next workout. Whether you’re suffering from foot pain, looking for a comfortable shoe for work, or needing a post-workout shoe, Oofos has a style for any reason.

No matter the reason for needing a pair of comfortable shoes, Oofos shoes meet customers’ expectations.

  • “They are the most comfortable flip flop you can buy. They help with plantar fasciitis.” ~Emily K.

  • “I love my slides! I wear them after work everyday. I purchased these shoes so I could have the same comfort at work.” ~ Stacy C.

  • “I have the OOFOS sandals and just cannot believe how comfortable they are. I work in health care and cannot wear open toe shoes in the laboratory. I have decided I NEED this comfort for working everyday!” ~Tammy B.

Oofos Styles

Oofos shoes come in a variety of different styles for men and women. From sandals and slides to clogs and shoes, you’ll be sure to find the right style to meet your needs. When the weather is warm, Oofos sandals and slides are perfect for letting your feet breathe, while the clog and shoe styles offer a great choice for work.