SCHEELS Outfitters V2 Camo

Utilizing extensive hunting experiences and cutting-edge technology, Veil Camo and SCHEELS partnered together once again for the creation of V2 camo. The ultimate goal for V2 camo was simple—to produce the best camo pattern on the market today regardless of the hunter’s species, season, or location. Learn more about the vision, research, and technology that went into developing SCHEELS Outfitters V2 camo.

Vision for V2 Camo

one hunter in the field wearing V2 camo

With the success of the West River Verdant pattern, our team of product developers recognized key features that needed to be implemented into the new pattern. Like West River Verdant, the new pattern needed to function seamlessly across different environments and seasons, as well as remain versatile for hunting a variety of animal species. 

V2 camo became the opportunity to infuse these must-have features with research-based science to provide customers with the best concealment and ultimately greater success when out hunting. With the vision in place, it was time to start researching and using technology to develop the new V2 camo pattern.

Researching for V2 Camo

a hunter hiding in the field while wearing V2 camo

To start developing the V2 camo pattern, Joseph Skinner, chief designer for Veil Camo, reviewed an extensive list of animals SCHEELS customers hunt and the range of environments those animals inhabit across the United States. He considered the variant landscapes hunted and developed a breakup strategy suited to each of the different animals and their respective environmental needs. 

Together, the team began developing the right breakup (shape-based camouflage) elements, depending on the species of animals and environments. Once these elements were refined, it was time to reference environmental photography to capture all elements of the target environment and develop the color palette in preparation for the Biome Engine™.

The final stage of research was evaluating previously gathered data, from a Veil wildlife biologist, on the visual systems of commonly hunted prey—placing an emphasis on deer and turkey. Making sure that V2 functions equally well for both deer and turkey is a difficult task because their visual systems work differently. The team leaned into these differences to ensure that the shape, texture, and colors in the patterns were going to be effective in remaining as undetectable as possible.

Technology Used for V2 Camo

a hunter walking setting up his trail camera in the field wearing V2 camo

With all the research completed, it was now time to feed all the important elements of the environment from the team’s extensive research into Biome Engine™, a new, proprietary technology Veil Camo spent over a year developing. This technology uses machine learning to study specific natural environments in order to apply and effectively merge two main components of camo—mimicry and abstract-based disruption—together in order to provide the brand with one of the most powerful tools for concealment ever created.

The results emerged in a detailed, superior blend of natural texture and abstract disruption. “Whenever I fire up the Biome Engine™, it always feels a little like magic,” Skinner said. “The results we are able to achieve almost seem like cheating. Never before has concealment felt so cohesive and so in-sync with the environment.”

“It gets really technical really fast, but the basic version is, we are able to choose shapes and colors that work against the weak spots in what we hunt. It's a critical part of our design process,” shares Skinner.

With the goal of advancing concealment for SCHEELS customers, V2 camo is the first commercially available concealment product to utilize this new Biome Engine™ technology. It’s like hide-and-seek on a whole new level, and it's available exclusively at SCHEELS.