Best Coyote Calls of 2024

a lucky duck electronic call in the field

Best Coyote Calls of 2024

a lucky duck electronic call in the field

Predators like coyotes need to be lured out and enticed by hunters through calls that mimic prey in distress. When predators hear these calls, they believe they’re getting a fresh meal and can’t resist staying away. There are two main types of predator calls hunters use—hand and electronic—depending on their situation. If you’re looking for your first predator call or need to upgrade, our Hunting Experts share the best coyote calls of 2024. 

Best Hand Predator Calls

Primos Randy Anderson Double Cottontail

Primos Randy Anderson Predator Call

The Primos Randy Anderson Double Cottontail is a perfect choice for beginners thanks to the double reed design that’s more forgiving. The laminated barrel enhances the overall durability for use season after season. Plus, you can use this predator call for a variety of species like foxes, bobcats, coyotes, and more. 

“Awesome sound. Very easy to use.” ~ Christopher, customer

FOXPRO Furtaker Combo Pack

FOXPRO Furtaker Predator Call

Including three different predator calls—the Tantrum, 4K9, and Kamikaze—the FOXPRO Furtaker Combo Pack offers just what you need in a range of different situations. With each predator call being easy to use, a range of skill levels can produce realistic prey distress sounds that are irresistible to coyotes and other predators.

Best Electronic Predator Calls

Lucky Duck Rebel

Lucky Duck Rebel E Caller

If you’re looking to move from hand calls to electronic predator calling, start with the Lucky Duck Rebel. With the ability to produce 12 different enticing predator sounds and a 25 watt speaker, this electronic call offers versatility and range all while still being easy to operate. Plus, you can control the sound and motorized decoy from up to 300 feet away, making sure you stay concealed.

“Nothing fancy but dependable and plenty loud for anything east of the Mississippi River!” ~ Troy E., customer

Lucky Duck Revolt with Remote

Lucky Duck Revolt Electric Caller

If you’re looking for an intermediate electronic call, the Lucky Duck Revolt offers just what you need in the field. Preloaded with 100 different sounds, you’re able to find the perfect one that fits your hunt, while the rotating base spins the unit 360 degrees for wider coverage. Additional features include a remote control with a 300-foot range and a motorized decoy to draw attention away from you.

“This is a top-grade caller. It is easy to load additional sounds. Sounds great! I have had great success calling in coyotes, bobcats, and foxes using the Lucky Duck Revolt.” ~ Ronald, customer

FOXPRO HellCat Pro

foxpro hellcat caller image

New for this season, the FOXPRO HellCat Pro delivers loud volume with a built-in decoy featuring a bluebird topper to draw in hesitant predators. With 200+ sounds and the capacity to store up to 1,000, this electronic caller covers a variety of species, distress sounds, and vocalizations to match any situation. Additional features include a 100-yard range, up to seven hours of run time, and a remote control. 

Whether you choose a hand call or an electronic call for your next hunt, these best coyote calls are sure to help you draw them in. If you have additional questions about choosing a predator call, stop into your local SCHEELS and speak with a Hunting Expert!