Top 12 Toys to Enjoy at the Lake

Playing a game at the lake

Lake season is one of the best times of the year, and we know there is nothing like being out in the sun. Whether it’s hanging out with family and friends or just spending some time away, lake season provides us much needed time to unwind. Maximize your summer fun at the lake with our top picks for lake toys and watersports. Whether you’re a thrill seeker or prefer to lounge in the sun, you’ll find a new way to spend time and make memories with your friends and family this summer.

Aqua Lily Pads

Get ready to sit back and relax on your favorite body of water with an Aqua Lily Pad or Maui Mat from SCHEELS. These floating platforms are a great way to sit in the water and cool off. They’re incredibly buoyant and can support multiple people, making them a great way to relax with family and friends. Kids will love jumping off the Lily Pad, and you can even use it as a staging area for your kayaks and stand up paddle boards. Our top pick, the Maui Mat 6x20-foot, is sure to give you plenty of room to soak up the sun.

SCHEELS Top Pick: Aqua Lily Pad Maui Mat 6’ x 20’

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Aqua Lily Pad

Yard Games


Nothing brings the fun like a little friendly competition. An outdoor game is a great way to enjoy the sun while getting active with family and friends. SCHEELS carries a wide variety of games from classics like cornhole and volleyball to newer favorites like ladder golf and RampShot. Spikeball, our top pick, is a cross between volleyball and foursquare that brings some fast-paced fun. Plus, Spikeball is easily portable, so you can take it with you to the beach or the backyard.

SCHEELS Top Pick: Spikeball Combo Game Set

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Featured Yard Game: Bean Bag Bucketz

Looking for a twist on the classic game of cornhole? Try Bean Bag Bucketz, our featured yard game! Instead of tossing bags onto a board like traditional cornhole, players take turns throwing the bags into differently-sized buckets to score points. Bean Bag Bucketz comes with a convenient carrying bag so you can take it to the beach or your next backyard BBQ. Because the bean bags are soft, you can even play this cornhole game indoors if the weather isn’t cooperating!

Featured Product: Bean Bag Bucketz

Bean Bag Bucketz

BigMouth Ginormous Yard Sprinklers

BigMouth Unicorn Yard Sprinkler

Cool off with your kids with a BigMouth Ginormous Yard Sprinkler. These giant sprinklers are super easy to set up—just inflate, connect a hose, and turn on the water, and the sprinkler will start spraying water to cool you down. Despite their large size, the inflatable design keeps the sprinklers lightweight and easy-to-move and allows them to store compactly in the off-season. With tons of fun animals to choose from, like a unicorn, elephant, or dinosaur, there’s a Ginormous Sprinkler your kids will love.

SCHEELS Top Pick: BigMouth Ginormous Unicorn Yard Sprinkler

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BigMouth Floats

Add a little personality to the water this summer with a BigMouth float. With a variety of fun designs, like birds, animals, and even food, you’ll be able to find a float that complements your personality. Plus, these floats are easy to inflate and clean, so they’ll keep you relaxed and afloat season after season. We’ve chosen the Giant Pink Donut Float as our top pick, since its bright color and tasty design will give you some great photo opportunities while you enjoy the summer sun in the pool or lake!

SCHEELS Top Pick: BigMouth Giant Pink Donut Float

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BigMouth Pink Donut Floatie

Wakesurf Boards

Hyperlite Broadcast Wakesurf Board

If you’re more of an adrenaline junkie, grab your life vest and try out a wakesurf board. You won’t even have to travel to the ocean to enjoy the fun of surfing. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, SCHEELS has the wakesurf board to help you glide across the wake. With a variety of shapes and sizes, find a board that matches your signature style and get ready to shred the waves. Our top pick, the Hyperlite Broadcast, features a unique shape that will help new riders get comfortable while giving advanced riders the control they need to generate some serious speed and pull off some awesome tricks.

SCHEELS Top Pick: Hyperlite Broadcast Wakesurf Board

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Featured Wakesurf Board: Hyperlite Satellite

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced wakesurfer, the Hyperlite Satellite board will give you a fun new way to ride the wake. The trailer fins on this wakesurf board are adjustable, allowing you to easily customize the feel of your ride. The aggressive shape allows for high-end slashing and carving, but is still relatively easy for new surfers to ride.

Featured Product: Hyperlite Satellite Wakesurf Board

Towable Tubes for Boating

Airhead Poparazzi 3-Person Tube

If you’re after some high-adrenaline fun for the whole family, try one of our towable tubes this summer. With a variety of tube sizes and styles, you’ll be able to find the best tube for every rider from kids to adults. Whether you prefer to sit or lay down as you glide across the water, SCHEELS has a tube to take your summer fun to a new level. Our top pick for tubing, the Airhead Poparazzi 3-Person Tube, is designed for versatile riding for hours of fun on the water.

SCHEELS Top Pick: Airhead Poparazzi 3-Person Tube

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Experience a new way to ride with confidence with the Zup Board, an all-in-one board that will make you look like a seasoned pro. The Zup Board is a hybrid between skis, kneeboards, and wakeboards and allows for flexible riding. From beginners to experienced boarders, riders will have a blast as they lay, kneel, stand, surf, ride backward, or even spin 360 degrees with this versatile board. Plus, the board features non-skid EVA foam padding and molded-in side handles for a comfortable ride. Our top pick comes with a ZUP Board and the specialized handle and rope combo so you’ll have everything you need to get ZUP this summer.

SCHEELS Top Pick: ZUP You Got This 2.0 Board

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ZUP Board

Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP)

Stand Up Paddle Board

Looking for a new way to spend some time on the water? Riding a Stand Up Paddle board, or SUP, has become one of the most popular ways to enjoy the lake. Whether you’re looking for a calming way to ride around the lakeshore or want a new summer workout routine, a SUP board provides a versatile way to get some sun. Balancing and paddling on a SUP is great exercise, but you can also lay on the board if you want to relax. Our top pick, the Rave Sports Shoreline SUP Board, has a straightforward design that will allow anyone to enjoy their time on the water.

SCHEELS Top Pick: Rave Sports Shoreline Series 10’9” SUP Board

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If you want to experience a fast and enjoyable ride across the water, check out our selection of wakeboards. With a variety of different shapes, SCHEELS has a wakeboard for every skill level. Whether you want to jump the wake or have a leisurely ride behind the boat, wakeboarding is a fun way for everyone to ride across the water this summer. Our top pick, the Hyperlite State Wakeboard, delivers a stable ride for beginners but allows more advanced riders to generate speed. Plus, it comes with a pair of wakeboarding boots to get you on the water in no time!

SCHEELS Top Pick: Hyperlite State Wakeboard with Remix Boot Package

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Kayaking at the lake

Explore new waters this summer with a kayak. Built for stability and comfort, kayaks provide a relaxing way to glide across the water or even help you work your upper body for a fun summer workout. Plus, kayaks are incredibly versatile and easily pair with your favorite summer activities from fishing to simply paddling across the water. With a variety of lengths and designs, kayaking provides summer fun for every age and skill level. The Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 is our top pick because of its exceptional stability and comfortable seat.

SCHEELS Top Pick: Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 Kayak

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From thrill-seekers to chill-seekers, everyone is sure to find a new water toy or yard game to help them enjoy the sunshine this summer. If you want to learn more about the latest gear to help you unwind at the lake, stop by your nearest SCHEELS and talk to one of our water sports experts!