Blackened Walleye Recipe

Blackened Walleye Recipe

This fast and fresh recipe is sure to catch everyone's attention. Grilling Expert Shane prepares blackened walleye on the Blackstone Griddle. The Traeger Blackened Saskatchewan Rub paired with butter creates a flakey fillet. It will quickly become your o-fish-ial dish of the summer!

20 mins.
10 mins.
10 mins.

Blackened walleye on the Blackstone? Let’s do it. This recipe stems from Grilling Expert Shane’s experience as a pilot in Fort Rucker, Alabama, and his buddy, a retired colonel, Gordy. When they went fishing, no one ever wanted to keep triggerfish, except Gordy, who knew they were a hidden gem. Gordy taught Shane this special recipe that Shane now shares with us on his Iowa walleye, caught by his daughters! 

If you want to grill fish like the pros, start by soaking your walleye filets in milk for a few hours before cooking. Apply your seasonings as much or as little as you want, with a generous amount of butter, to both sides. Once you have your walleye filets dipped in butter, sprinkled in seasoning, and looking beautiful, fire up your blackstone and let’s start cooking’! You want the Blackstone piping hot for this and covered in butter so your walleye will blacken perfectly. Add a bit of lemon to each filet while on the Blackstone and enjoy the smell as they crisp up. Plate your fish and enjoy your delicate, flaky walleye with some mango salsa, fresh asparagus, or whatever your family enjoys!




  1. Start by soaking the filets in milk a few hours before you prepare the fish for the grill. 
  2. Place the filets on a cutting board and melt your 3 tablespoons of butter.
  3. Using the basting brush, brush on melted butter and follow up by putting the Blackened Saskatchewan rub on the filet. Flip the filet and repeat on the other side. 
  4. Have your Blackstone on high, melt 2 tbsp of butter on the cooking surface.
  5. Place the walleye on the grill. After a few seconds, you can grab your halved lemon and squeeze the juices right onto the filet.
  6. Once there is a good char on the filet flip it over to cook the other side. This will be a quick cook. You will know your fish is done when the filet starts to get flakey. 
  7. Pull off the grill, rest for a few minutes, and plate with your favorite side dishes!