Duck Jalapeño Poppers Recipe

Duck Jalapeño Poppers Recipe

These poppers will quickly become the MVP of the day! SCHEELS Grilling Expert Austin smokes jalapeño poppers stuffed with duck and cream cheese wrapped in crisp bacon.

1.5 hrs.
20 mins.
1 hr. 10 mins.

This jalapeño poppers recipe is a great way to get rid of that wild game in your freezer before the next hunting season. The secret to this delicious appetizer is to season the duck breasts as well as the outside of the popper for maximum flavor. Start slicing up your jalapeños by cutting off the tip, cut in half, and then use a spoon to scoop all of the seeds out. Fill each jalapeño slice with cream cheese and sprinkle Meat Church Holy Voodoo seasoning on top. Grab your duck breast, cut in half and season with some Holy Voodoo. Add the duck to the cream cheese filled jalapeño and wrap it all up with a piece of bacon. Don’t forget to add some more seasoning! Repeat until you have all of your poppers ready and throw them on the Traeger at 225° super smoke for about 2 ½ hours. Brush on some Beers Black Dog BBQ with 10 minutes left on the grill, take them off, let the poppers cool for about 10 minutes and enjoy! 




  1. Cut the tops off of your medium-sized jalapeños and slice them in half.
  2. Clean out the insides with a spoon, removing the veins and the seeds. Next, with your jalapeño half spoon in cream cheese and push down with the spoon to ensure there are no air pockets.
  3. Top the cream cheese with some Meat Church Holy Voodoo
  4. Cut the duck breasts in half, or slightly smaller depending on what fits best on your jalapeños, and cover all sides of the breast with Meat Church Holy Voodoo.
  5. Place the breasts on top of the cream cheese and wrap with 2 slices of bacon trying not to overlap too much so the bacon can properly cook. 
  6. Place the finished product on a LEM jerky rack and get ready to prepare the grill. 
  7. Turn your Traeger to 225° F super smoke and place the poppers on for about 2 ½ hours or until the bacon is to the preferred doneness. 
  8. For a little added kick of flavor coat the poppers with Beers Black Dog BBQ sauce with the Traeger basting brush and give them 10 more minutes on the grill for the BBQ sauce to set up.