Rotisserie Chicken Recipe

Rotisserie Chicken Recipe

A rotisserie chicken recipe simple enough for any average joe… SCHEELS Grilling Expert James puts Kamado Joe’s JoeTisserie to the test. Season with your favorite rub and you’ll be serving up a flavorful feast.

110 mins.
20 mins.
90 mins.

No more settling for the same old grocery store rotisserie chicken. This super simple recipe will change the way you do family BBQs. Start by gently separating the skin away from the meat because we will be adding a layer of extra flavor under the skin using our butter mixture recipe down below. Now take your butter mixture and spread it under the skin, giving a generous amount to both sides. When we begin cooking, the butter will melt and keep the meat nice and juicy, while adding lots of flavor! Add a little olive oil to the skin so it can fry and crisp up. Grab your Kosmos Beer Can Chicken rub and heavily coat the outside of the bird. Do this on both sides for optimal flavor. 

Now it's time to truss your bird. Lay some butchers twine flat on your cutting board with your chicken on top. Bring the string up over the wings, cross at the neck, down the front, cross again at the breastbone. Next, bring the twine under the legs, around the legs, and pull them tight and away from the chicken itself. Flip the bird over and tie the string behind the chicken. Trussing your bird allows for that nice, even cook and prevents it from drying out. Sink the spit forks into the bird, ensuring they are evenly spaced and tight to keep it from bouncing while it turns. 

Time to fire up the Kamado Joe to 350°, place the chicken inside, and watch that bird spin.

Cook to an internal temperature of 160°, which should take roughly 90 minutes. Take the meat out, let it rest for about 15 minutes, so the muscles can release a little and you don’t lose all of the juices when you cut into it. Enjoy plain or shred the meat up for a delicious pulled chicken sandwich!




  1. Start by making the butter mixture: 1/4c of room temperature butter, 1 sprig of rosemary and 1 sprig of parsley finely chopped, 2 cloves of minced garlic. Add the herbs to the butter and mix until combined.
  2. Once the butter is mixed, begin gently breaking the skin away from the meat. This will allow us to get our butter all over the whole entire bird and will add so much flavor and moisture.
  3. After the inside is coated, grab the Kosmos Beer Can Chicken rub and heavily coat the outside of the top and back of the bird.
  4. Tie the bird up with some butchers twine so the wings don’t get burnt and place the bird on the rotisserie. We will want the Kamado Joe going at 350° and will place the bird in the rotisserie and cook until an internal temperature of 160°.
  5. At this point you can slice the wings and tights off, pull off the breast meat and slice to enjoy.