Mule Deer Jalape├▒o Brats Recipe

Mule Deer Jalape├▒o Brats Recipe

Wild game turned into a tasty game day meal! SCHEELS Grilling Expert Austin shows how to take your harvest from field to table with the LEM Grinder and Stuffer. With 60 percent mule deer, 40 percent pork trimmings, added cheese, and jalape├▒os, this recipe is 100 percent delicious.

12 hrs. 20 mins.
12 hrs.
20 mins.

Welcome back to our wild game series! Similar to our smoked summer sausage recipe, using the LEM #8 dual grinder, alternate back and forth between mule deer and pork trimmings using the coarse plate.The colder your meat, the easier it will go through the grinder. Unplug, switch over to the fine plate, and repeat, also adding in jalape├▒os. Mix the LEM Bratwurst seasoning mixture into your meat, adding water when necessary, and then add in the high temp cheese. Load up your stuffer with your meat and using the Natural hog casings, begin stuffing. Next, you will separate your brats by pinching at the ends, twisting towards you, then pinch, twist away from you, alternating until you have separated all of your brats. Cut them apart and they are ready for the grill or the freezer! 





  1. In a bowl mix together the wet ingredients; wine, oil, and soy sauce.
  2. Once combined, add in the dry ingredients; minced garlic, rosemary, and Blackened Saskatchewan.
  3. Place the backstrap into a Ziploc baggie and dump the mixture over the top.
  4. Roll out all of the air and seal tight. Place into the fridge overnight. 


  1. Start with your mule deer and pork trimmings cut into chunks small enough to fit into the throat of your grinder.
  2. With the meat mostly frozen, start grinding the meat alternating between pork and mule deer.
  3. Once the first grind is done, mix in the jalape├▒os and send everything through the grinder one more time. This will give you good texture on the meat as well as incorporate the jalape├▒os in. 
  4. Grab the LEM Bratwurst seasoning and mix in your LEM Meat Lug.
  5. Once the seasoning is mixed in you can grab the high temp cheese and mix in a 1/2 pound.
  6. Load up the stuffer with your mixture and grab your casings.
  7. Rinse the casings inside and out so the salt is off of them so it won't give you any unwanted flavors.
  8. Load the casings onto the stuffer and tie a knot in the end of the casings but not too tight so some of the air can escape when stuffing.
  9. Crank the stuffer being very careful to not strain the casings when full. Tie a knot in the end of the casing when full and twist about a 7" brat going away from you for the first and toward you for the second. Alternate this cadence all the way until the end of the casing. 
  10. Cut each brat so it is separate from the rest. You can now either grill and enjoy, or freeze them and vacuum seal them up.