Pulled Pork Nachos Recipe

Pulled Pork Nachos Recipe

Pile them high and watch them fly! SCHEELS Grilling Expert Cam doesn't let his pulled pork leftovers go to waste with these nachos. Whether it’s for the big game or a small party, these smoked pulled pork nachos are a crowd pleaser.

30 mins.
15 mins.
15 mins.

We all have that friend that claims to make the best nachos? They may look great, but as soon as you get to the bottom all you have is some naked chips. We are going to show you how to stack the layers so every bite is the best bite. But first, check out our super simple Pulled Pork Recipe. You will never let your leftover pulled pork go to waste again! Grab your ingredients, grate your fresh block of cheese, and chop up your onion, jalapeños, and green onions. Now you’re ready to start stackin’! Start by laying down your first layer of chips in the cast iron skillet and dump on your cheese, pulled pork, pinto beans, onion, black olives, and green onions, repeating this process until you.ve got a heaping pile of nachos. Top it off with some Blackstone Taco Seasoning or the Meat Church Fajita seasoning! Slap some BBQ sauce and sour cream on top and finish with some jalapeños. Now you’re ready to share! Or not…




  1. Grab a cast iron pan and start by layering a single layer of chips in the bottom making sure not to overlap.
  2. Next, grab and place all of your ingredients over the chips and finish with cheese and Blackstone seasoning.
  3. Once your first layer is complete, keep stacking the layers until you have enough to feed the amount of people you have. I like to top with BBQ sauce and green onion for some color.
  4. Cook on the Traeger at 350° until the cheese is bubbling and melty. Enjoy!