Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwich Recipe

Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwich Recipe

Impress your guest with this slow smokin’ sandwich. A brine to help keep it juicy plus your favorite rubs to give it that sweet heat. Top with tangy pickles and drizzle on the BBQ. This recipe will have your pulled pork dripping with flavor.

3 hrs. 15 mins.
15 mins.
3 hrs.

How To Smoke Some Pork Butt: 

  • Trim: Remove any excessive hard pieces of fat 
  • Inject: Mix well: apple juice, water, salt, brown sugar, Holy Voodoo. Inject using Mr. Bar-B-Q marinade injector, in a 1x1 pattern. Injecting your meat adds a level of flavor and juiciness to your pork. 
  • Rub: Layer your seasoning using The Gospel and following it up with the Holy Voodoo on top, gently rubbing it into the meat. This will give you that level of sweetness with the heat on the outside.  
  • Smoke: Heat up your Traeger and place your pork on the grill at 225° super smoke for 3 hours, giving it a spritz of the apple juice every hour. Give the SCHEELS Outfitters Pork and Poultry Pellets a try for that smoky finish on your Traeger! 
  • Spritz: Take your apple juice mixture and spray your pork every hour to set up that nice crust and to get the color of the pork to where we want it before covering with tin foil. 
  • Cover:  Bump the grill up to 275° and place in a foil pan, top it with butter and brown sugar, and top with foil. This will allow the sweetness to work its way into the bark and the tin foil on top will speed up the cook. Your pork is finished when the internal temp reaches 205°+ 
  • Shred: Let the meat sit for at least 1 hour and begin pulling! There’s nothing better than digging into your pork with your hands and it shredding perfectly..
  • Build & Enjoy: Pile your pulled pork high on your bun and top with some pickles and your Beers Blackdog BBQ sauce and dig in! Also- don’t be afraid to put a little extra Voodoo seasoning on top of your pork after you pull it if you want some extra heat! 




  1. Pork at room temp, mix injection (apple juice, water, salt, brown sugar, holy voodoo). Inject 1x1 pattern.
  2. Rub with both rubs, and place on grill at 225 super smoke for 3 hours spraying with apple juice every hour.
  3. Bump the grill up to 275 and place in a foil pan with butter, brown sugar and top with foil. Finish when the probe reads 202+ and the probe slides in like butter.
  4. Rest 1 or more hours and then pull. Place on a sandwich with pickles and BBQ sauce and enjoy.