Venison Jerky Recipe

Venison Jerky Recipe

Serenade your taste buds with this jerky recipe. Thinly sliced venison covered in a delicious marinade and smoked with wood fired flavor. This recipe is an easy way to turn your wild game into a savory snack. 

28 hrs.
24 hrs.
4 hrs.

The perfect jerky snack for any road trip that doubles as a great story along the way. If you are just beginning to dip your toes into wild game meat processing, this is a great place to start! We are using deer roast, however, this recipe can be used for other types of meat as well. We are starting with our Smoking Gun jerky machine and slicing the meat into 3/16“ thickness, but you can slice to whatever your preferred thickness. Don’t forget to use your guard when handling the meat and the slicer. When finished slicing, put your meat back in the bowl and cover in your favorite marinade! Try out our favorite, the Smoking Gun Jerky Marinade! Place your meat in a plastic bag and into the fridge to marinate overnight. The next day, spread out your meat on a jerky rack and place in the Pit Boss Smoker at 175° for about 4 hours. When finished, the jerky should be bendable, but not breakable. Let us know if you give this recipe a try and how you did! 




  1. Slice the roast into your desired thickness and place it into a bag or bowl.
  2. Next, pour over the marinade and refrigerate for up to 24hrs.
  3. Once the jerky has marinated, place it onto jerky racks making it easier to get them on and off the smoker. 
  4. We are going to smoke this jerky at 175° for 4 hours, or until our desired consistency. Be very diligent about checking the jerky near the end of the cook so you achieve your desired doneness.