How to Clean Your BIRKENSTOCK Sandals

Wondering how to keep your BIRKENSTOCK sandals looking new and odor-free? SCHEELS casual shoe expert, Maddie Williams, describes how to care for and clean your BIRKENSTOCK sandals using the BIRKENSTOCK care kit.

The BIRKENSTOCK care kit includes everything you would need to make sure that your summer sandals stay looking fresh each summer. This care kit includes the BIRKENSTOCK cleaning brush, cork sealer, cleaner and refresher spray, and water repellent spray.

After wearing your BIRKENSTOCK sandals about 10-15 times, you’ll want to make sure the exposed raw cork stays protected to prevent cracks. Using the cork sealer extends the life of your sandals. 

The oils from your feet seep into the suede footbed making it a little slippery. When the sandal’s footbed starts to get dark, you’ll want to use the cleaner and refresher spray and cleaning brush. Simply spray this onto the footbed of the sandal and use the wire bristle brush in circular motions to clean away these oils. 

The final piece of the BIRKENSTOCK care kit is the water and stain repellent spray which helps protect your BIRKENSTOCKS from water or stains. Before spraying onto your sandal, make sure to wipe away any dirt. You can use the water and stain repellent spray every few months to keep your BIRKENSTOCKS well protected. 

If you have any other questions about how to clean your BIRKENSTOCKS, contact your local SCHEELS store today!

Article By: SCHEELS