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When you need dependable precision to take down big game, rely on the SCHEELS Outfitters Vendetta Pro Arrows. These archery arrows are made with lightweight but durable carbon-fiber for enhanced speed and a flatter trajectory. An aligned spine makes these arrows extremely aerodynamic, resulting in a smoother shot with more consistent flight paths and tighter grouping. These carbon arrows feature two-inch Bohning Blazer® Vanes engineered for enhanced field point and broadhead accuracy. Designed with the same philosophy as high-speed auto-racing, these vanes create lift to begin correcting the arrow's flight path immediately after shooting, guiding the arrow to its target with the utmost precision. While made to optimize broadhead performance, these versatile arrows work with nearly any arrow tip to deliver a flatter, straighter shot with deadly accuracy across a variety of archery activities. Whether you're going out for target practice or a day in the field, stay on target with the advanced design of the SCHEELS Outfitters Vendetta Pro Arrows Six Pack, available exclusively at SCHEELS. 

  • Carbon-fiber for a faster, flatter shot
  • Increased consistency and performance 
  • Hand-fletched arrows for a streamlined appearance  
  • Aligned spine offers increased accuracy and tighter grouping 
  • 2 in. Bohning Blazer® Vanes for superior field point and broadhead accuracy
  • Quantity: 6 arrows 
  • Material: 100% carbon fiber
  • Arrow Length: 31 in. 
  • Field Tip Size: 5/16 in.
  • Shaft Straightness: +/- .003" 
  • Average Vane Weight: 6.0 grains
  • Vane Dimensions: 2" L x 0.57" H 
Size chart: 
Spine: Shaft Weight (GPI): Shaft Inside Diameter: Shaft Outside Diameter:
300 9.7 0.245 0.304
350 8.7 0.245 0.298
400 8.2 0.245 0.295
500 6.9 0.245 0.289


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