Clam Shelter Runner Kit

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Product Description

The Clam Shelter Runner Kit will protect the bottom of your sled and increase the life of the tub! These Clam runners will help your sled stand up to the rigors of being towed by a snowmobile or ATV without adding extra weight. Plus, the runners reduce friction and drag between the sled and the ground, making it easier to pull the sled by hand. Extend the life of your ice shelter sled with the Clam Shelter Runner Kit.

  • Reduce friction and drag
  • Protect bottom of sled from rough terrain
  • Material: High-density polyethylene
  • Includes mounting hardware
Item Length Runners Fits
9934 51" 5 Super X
10390 51" 4 Yukon, Voyager, Thermal X Heavy Duty
8995 56" 2 Scout, Nanook, Pro, Pro TC, Guide, Legend Thermal, Trapper
8996 74" 2 Yukon, Voyager, Thermal X, Tundra, Portage, Runner
8997 41" 5 Kenai, Kenai Pro Thermal, Denali, Kodiak, Nordic Medium, Warrior, X1, Scout XL, Legend XL
14468 51" 4 X300
10128 58" 6 X200
8247 49.5" 6 X2, X4, Nordic Large


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