Clam Dave Genz Drop Series Half Ant Drop

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Bottom half of tungsten, top half a secret formula securing a Swarovski® Gem. It's like a disco ball, reflecting and refracting light at every angle, a faceted flasher suggesting an oversized prey fish eye. Slow dropping, teasing presentation for pressured fish, post-frontal conditions, lethargic sniffers. Hugs the strike zone with subtle movements. Hates it when fish get slime all over its precious Gem. Oh well...
Made From Tungsten - 30% Heavier Than Lead
  • Made from half tungsten, half epoxy
  • Small, compact presentation for punching through - "slush-in-hole" tactic
  • Plummets through thick vegetation, brush and timber past smaller bait-stealing fish to where the slabs are waiting
  • Ultra-fast drop to reach deep water quicker and to get back to the school feeding frenzy
  • Go-to jig during cold fronts, high pressure weather systems, and when pursuing hightly-pressured fish
  • Sticky-sharp forged strong nickel hook
  • Thin diameter hook for better bait piercing with no gut ooze and effortless hookups
  • Lightweight, half tungsten/half epoxy falls slowly to fool fish
  • Unique high-tech multi-colored epoxy paint scheme lures in fish and is tough and durable
  • Alluring Swarkovski gem eye reflects light like a disco ball to attract and trigger bites
  • Bug-body stop light profile fish have not seen
  • Vertical presentation
  • Weights: 1/64ozs, 1/32oz
  • Hook Sizes: 12, 10
  • Colors: Red/White/Chart, Red/White/Green, White/Chart/Chart, White/Red/Red, Chart/Red/Red, White/Green/Green
  • Species: Crappie, Perch, Bluegill, Small Trout
  • Bait with: Maki Plastics, Euro larvae, Waxis, Spikes

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