10,000 Fish

10,000 Fish Head Hunter Swimbait

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10,000 Fish Head Hunter Swimbait


The 10,000 Fish Head Hunter is a fully rigged swimbait built with a realistic dorsal fin that disguises the bait's hook while preventing snags. The magnetic hook harness system (patent pending) provides a more free range of motion when setting the hook while giving the fish less leverage to throw your bait.

  • Weight: 1/2oz
  • Length: 3.25in
  • The bait's flat sides allow it to be skipped easily under docks or overhanging trees
  • The lifelike paddling tail and flanged belly kick at all speeds for perfect action
  • Rests nose down on the bottom. This mimics feeding bluegill or shad and makes the Head Hunter a great bed fishing option
  • The hook is held in place by a magnet and releases upon hooking the fish. This helps prevent fish from spitting the hook
  • Top fin hides the hook and helps make the bait snag resistant
  • Weight: 1/2oz
  • Length: 3.25in

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