2.5 Liter Hydraulics LT Reservoir

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Osprey's Hydraulics™ LT 2.5L Reservoir by Hydrapak® is made for light and fast activities where weight and balance are critical. Twin-welded chevron baffles stabilize the water and maintain a flat profile. The streamlined design allows for easy loading into internal hydration sleeves. Thoughtful design makes filling cleaning and most importantly staying hydrated on the trail easier than ever. All parts are BPA-free phthalate-free lead-free guaranteed. All materials are certified food safe according to FDA and EU regulations.

  • Twin Baffles - Twin-welded chevron baffles stabilize the water and maintain a flat profile.
  • Slide-Seal™ - Easy Slide-Seal™ top opening seals watertight and provides wide access for easy filling and cleaning
  • Pour Shield - Pour shield extends the collar to ease filling in shallower sinks and control pouring into pots or bottles
  • Carry Handle - Carry handle allows easy reservoir management and filling
  • Magnetic Bite Valve - Magnet clip attaches to the reservoir hose and pairs with the included sternum strap magnet for easy water access and hose management
  • Hydrapak® Blaster™ - Hydrapak® Blaster™ bite valve offers fast smooth water flow with a ¼ twist on/off switch
  • QuickConnect™ System - The QuickConnect™ system allows easy removal/filling of the reservoir and filtering in the backcountry

Customer Reviews

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Rated 4 out of 5
Takes some patience to figure out
I had a difficult time figuring out how to open the pack when I first got it. It is quite difficult to find any answers online, but finally figured out I wasn't going to unglue anything important when I finally did see some answers. I like that there is a lock (or so I think) on the mouth piece. I also like the quick release from the pack, although I'm not sure how to get the remaining water out without the mouth tube in place. Drying is a little tricky. I finally decided to use a silicone coated wisk inserted into the pack to try to keep it open for drying, but nervous there will still be trapped water somewhere.
September 6, 2021
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Rated 3 out of 5
Not as good as the old one
I don't like this reservoir. I couldn't even get it open to pour the water in without getting my brother to help, because it was bending my fingernails. I absolutely hate the little worthless magnet attached to it. Does not stay and falls during my mountain bike rides and it's hard to even get it back in place because it's so weak and the placement of it makes the bite valve hit my arm and it just won't do well.
April 5, 2021
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Rated 5 out of 5
Highly recommended
July 22, 2020
1 year ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Great product, Buying another
I've been using a 2.5L for day hiking where water is scarce as well as long backpacking adventures. Unfortunately it recently developed a crack in lower 90 degree hose attachment part. I'm sure I caused fatigue to it somehow as it got heavy use.
I really like the ability to connect the filter pump to the bladder without removing it from the backpack.
Since I used it hard and put many miles on it in the past three years, I'm due for another one. After looking at the choices I've decided I'm purchasing the Osprey 2.5 again. I really like the design and the material they use. It seems to be the safest plastic as far as chemicals leaching into my drinking water. I had no problems with the hanging system nor any of the other parts.
April 2, 2020
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Rated 4 out of 5
Really convenient
Have been using this reservoir for 25 days. I like to freeze some water in it before I carry. If the tube is frozen, it will not clip, otherwise it has been great. Unfortunately, this morning I found a leak near the bottom on the side. Returned it, am thinking that a fold with freezing water may have caused the leak. Since the original pack recommended freezing water with lemon juice to reduce plastic taste, it seemed the material could withstand freezing. Anyway, trying a second reservoir, I have really enjoyed the convenience of the fill and connect system.
March 29, 2019
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Rated 5 out of 5
Hanging method no longer a problem
I have had the same issue others had with the original hanger breaking off. The new design has been very reliable and does not break, as far as i can tell.
I really like the quick disconnect which means you don't have to reroute the tubing every time you refill. And I find that the fold over top seals well and makes it much easier to fill compared to the screw on top.
December 8, 2018
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Rated 5 out of 5
great bladder
I have a few sizes of these, this being the largest. Im not sure how people manage to break them, or have issues getting them open, they are dead simple. easy to clean, easy to fill. More importantly, if you have an issue, they will give you a new one. great company, great product
July 23, 2018
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