Alien Gear 1911 Holster Pack

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Convenient and Comfortable Carry
The Alien Gear 1911 Holster Pack provides an easy, convenient way to carry your 1911-style handgun. Check out the video to learn more about this 1911 holster.

Product Description

The ShapeShift holster is an entire carry system, not just a holster. It's innovative design is built so you may carry your firearm in anyway you may want. IWB, OWB or open carry. The new injection-molded polymer shells, instead of merely bolting onto a backer, are equipped with an interlocking rail of our design, which lock together via a tool-less twist lock. Included with your base ShapeShift 1911 holster kit includes one full Shift Shell and two trigger guards.

For the Ultimate OWB holster, put two full shells together, install the paddle attachment for the 1911. It'll more than likely withstand any type of punishment you think you can throw at it.

For IWB carry attach a half-shell and install them on the include inside-the-waistband backer for a traditional 1911 IWB hybrid holster.

If you prefer an appendix type holster, attache the shells to the smaller backer instead, and install the larger IWB belt clip.

You can also configure the belt slide attachment with the smaller backer, creating a high-ride belt slide holster. Which will be an OWB carry, concealable from an untucked shirt.

 NOTE: The ShapeShift Modular Holster System is designed to replicate and fit your specific firearm. The 1911 is available in multiple generations and variations. To ensure your 1911 fits this holster, please refer to the compatibility chart.