ATN BinoX-4K 4-16X Smart Rangefinding Binoculars

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Product Description

ATN revolutionized the binoculars market! This is the tool that will change your next outdoor adventure. Scanning and recovery efforts will be a breeze with ATN's BinoX 4K. The new integrated laser range finder will give you precise distance measurements. So, you will know how far your next waypoint is or how far your target is for proper hold over. Giving you the freedom, you want when scanning in the field or from your vehicle.

By incorporating a Dual Core Processor, now able to provide a much more enhanced experience. Now, you can Live Stream via Wi-Fi to a mobile device, and record in your binocular at the same time. Without lag or loss of performance.

We integrated a Laser Rangefinder, so you now have the ultimate binocular package that has everything you want. Not only do you have the ability to see both day and night at your fingertips, but you now have the ability to range your target with absolute accuracy for dope hold over or know how far you need to trek to your next waypoint.

ATN improved on the IR strength in the new BinoX 4K giving better range in total darkness and improved nighttime performance.

The new internal lithium Ion battery will keep you hunting late into the evening or those early morning hours, with an incredible 15+ hrs. of run time. Saving you money on buying multiple reusable or one-time use batteries.

BIX Technology
Ballistic Information Exchange tech allows ATNs SMART HD devices to communicate and exchange information. BIX is a culmination of years of research and development. This technology lets systems talk to each other, exchanging valuable information; in order to facilitate a shooting solution eliminating hold over. Simple to pair, BIX Tech is independent of any app so you don't need to rely on extra equipment. Or if you don't have an ATN SMART HD scope BIX provides the same capabilities with traditional glass scopes with the aid of theLaser Ballistics app.

  • 4-16x Magnification
  • 30/60/120Hz Frame Rate
  • Ultra High Definition 4K Sensor
  • Full HD Recording
  • Night Vision Mode
  • Dual Stream Video
  • Smooth Zoom
  • E-Compass
  • 1000-Yard Laser Range Finder
  • ATN BIX Technology - Allows you to communicate with other ATN Smart HD Products
  • 15+ hrs. Battery Life
  • 2-Year Warranty

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