Attwood Primer Bulb

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Attwood Primer Bulb


Attwood's Patent Pending Multi-layer primer bulb is designed to provide up to 60% more priming output than leading competitors in extreme conditions while exceeding new EPA requirements to prevent fuel evaporation. Attwood's exclusive three-layer design ensures high fuel pumping output in hot temperatures (up to 122F ) and cold temperatures (down to 18F) while resisting collapse and hardening. Includes dual high-efficiency check valves that prime in any orientation with low-restriction fuel flow that ensures proper engine operation and aids fuel pump durability.

  • Exclusive high-efficiency check-valves ensure faster priming and low fuel restriction (less than 1kpa restriction at 50 liters/hour).
  • Tested to ABYC H-25 and USCG requirements.
  • Operating temperature 18F - 122F
  • For use with appropriate sized hoses (3/8", 5/16" or 1/4" Fuel Hose)
  • Exclusive outer layer is designed to prevent ballooning when under pressure.
  • Exclusive inner expansion ring ensures primer bulb won't collapse during engine operation and provides 60% more pumping power than competitive single layer primer bulbs.
  • 60% more output per pump than leading competitors provides faster engine priming and fewer strokes to prime.
  • Exclusive three-layer construction prevents primer bulb collapse under vacuum and ballooning/bursting under pressure.
  • Low Permeation Primer Bulb prevents prevents fuel evaporation saving gas and money.
  • Engineered hose barbs are designed ensure leak free performance. All Attwood portable fuel compoments are designed to exceed OEM engine fuel flow requirements.
  • 2 Year Warranty EPA and CARB Certified Compatible with all OEM brand engines (1hp - 350hp)
  • Compatible with Ethanol blended fuels OEM quality and performance at a fraction of the price
  • Select size: 3/8" or 5/16"
  • All Attwood portable fuel compoments are designed to exceed OEM engine fuel flow requirements.

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