Avery 4 Pack Woven RealGrass Mats

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Product Description

The Avery Woven RealGrass Mat 4 Pack blends perfectly with cattails, cornfields, hay, wheat, barley, and native grasses to keep your blind concealed. These duck blind grass mats are hand-woven from slow-dried palm leaves and feature an exclusive "double-woven/double-knotted" backing mat that will never unravel. Avery RealGrass mats weigh 25% more than similar grass mats, keeping them secure even during windy hunts. Plus, the mats can be cut to custom fit your blind and have loose grass to provide additional coverage and realistic, natural motion in the wind. Perfect for boat blinds, pit tops, duck blinds, and even deer blinds, the Avery Woven RealGrass Mat 4 Pack will create the most effective ground blind you've ever seen.

  • Can be cut to custom-fit your blind
  • Woven mat with additional loose grass
  • Hand-woven from slow-dried palm leaves
  • Weighs 25% more than similar grass mats
  • Exclusive "double-woven/double-knotted" backing mat
  • Overall Height: 5 ft.
  • Woven Dimensions: 4' x 4'

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